3 Ways to Create Gender Harmony in Your Company & Products

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Why a little battle for the sexes is good for innovative design and better selling products. Everything is personal nowadays, even business. Maybe a little too personal; especially when sex enters the workplace creating imbalance or counter-productivity. With women yielding the largest demographic for sales in any product or service category, can your company afford to avoid a battle of the sexes about what women and men want? Fear of being sexist removes healthy debate and collaborative conversations between men and women, negatively impacting product design. It goes against societal norms and professional self-preservation. According to relationship navigation specialist, Kimi Avary developer of the Beyond the Glass Ceiling Workplace Navigation System, "masculine and feminine modes of being are hard-wired, but it's when we get stuck in your own head that misunderstandings occur and productivity decreases." Here are 3 ways you can safely bring sex into your product development team and design [...]

5 Ways to Get Your Money’s Worth from Designers & 2 Don’ts That Cost

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Hiring an in-house or freelance designer is a daunting task, but these essential 7 practices are the keys to actually getting your intended innovation and productive value from those designers. Clearly articulate your design criteria Failure in design is most often failure in communication. Miscommunication of company goals, brand promise and target market understanding. You are doing the hiring and you are ultimately responsible for the results. Through the development of your design criteria, you will not only be clear about the outcome you expect but also on the key skills required when hiring. Design is really a team sport Hiring a solo designer or freelancer is a dangerous practice. Designers need to feed their creative minds off each other. Design refinement and innovation happens with mind share. Additionally, you need a team who can work simultaneously on both advanced projects and responsive immediate demands. If your budget permits, hire [...]

What a South Carolina Libertarian Taught Me About Innovation

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Exposure to an executive business training seminar called Freedom School leaves lasting lessons. Recruited fresh out of Rhode Island School of Design, I excitedly started my first real industry job working for textile giant Milliken & Co. in Abbeville, South Carolina. As if it wasn't shocking enough to go from New England to the exact spot where South Carolina seceded from the Union in 1860, the HR manager told me that I would have to spend nine weeks attending their Leadership Orientation Program in Spartanburg. My first introduction to executive business training was typical enough with a general overview of the company capabilities and factory visits. Evening classes in public speaking with a Dale Carnegie instructor was energizing. I still use many of those early techniques today to remember names and structure my talks. Surprisingly, my favorite part was the opportunity to learn statistical analysis, something I couldn't learn in [...]

3 Ways to Train Your Brain for Bigger and Better Ideas

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For starters, you need to stop overthinking it. Organizations and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to encourage more innovative thinking. But, according to John Assaraf of The Secret and MyNeuroGym.com, thinking is the problem--the process of thinking actually "by definition cancels out the neural process of creativity," effectively killing innovation. Here he sheds light on the brain processing required for greater innovation as well as the secrets to encouraging and invoking innovation. "Creativity, imagination and innovation are a part of a neural process that occurs in some of the newest evolutionary structures of the brain," he says. "Creativity is a whole-brain phenomenon that takes a totally different level of complexity." Begin with the prefrontal cortex, which Assaraf calls the "Einstein Brain: the CEO; Executive Director; the GPS system--the part of the brain where you can think of all the possibilities and then activate the occipital part of the brain to imagine an outcome." This brain [...]

Hazz Design at CEO Space 0316

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Thanks for coming to the Hazz Design at CEO Space 0316 workshops with Tracy Hazzard and Tom Hazzard! Please find below the links to our presentations and materials for your use. All rights reserved, so please do not distribute or copy without our express written permission. We are happy to come speak to your organizations on any of these subjects. Hazz Design at CEO Space 0316 Tactics for Launching Without a Lot of Runway Launching a business, product or service is a high-risk game of chance when you have a runway shortened by time or money, unless you up your odds for success with the right sequence, tactics and resources to launch on-time, on-budget and on-target. Understand the critical runway and sequence review gates for a successful launch Uncover ways to identify and sidestep common launch landmines that explode costs and timelines Learn tips to determine the right resources that can [...]

Millennial Valentine’s Day Proposals – Put a Ring On It and a Camera In It

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Time to put a ring on it (and a camera in it) to share the moment you pop-the-question. Love is in the air and popping-the-question videos are on my social media feed all the time. I expect that more now that Valentine's Day is approaching. I am truly amazed by all the effort and expense being put into the proposals, including making sure that there is a photographer or videographer stalking or standing by to capture a personal moment. Ring Cam Ring Box CREDIT: Ring Cam This is fresh in my mind because my daughter, Alexandra recently got engaged to her filmmaker boyfriend, Jonatan. He called me before the proposal frustrated with figuring out how to balance the private moment and still capture it on camera to share with the rest of us and preserve forever. We both sifted through many very expensive options until he came to the conclusion [...]

Attracting Clients to Dominate Your Market with Podcasting

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Forget passive income use a podcast to attract clients and dominate your market instead. Podcasting is continuing to trend as one of the hottest marketing opportunities for entrepreneurs and experts. Anyone who's anyone wants to be interviewed on a podcast - even the President. But unless a high-powered guest propels your podcast to millions of monthly plays, can podcasting really make you money? As co-host of a fast-growing niche podcast - WTFFF?! 3D Printing Tips & Tools - I have personal experience with the podcasting trend. Conceived in April 2015, our podcast has grown to 25,000 plays per month in nine months. We are in the midst of taking on our first set of sponsors. More important than a little residual advertising income, podcasting has positioned our design firm to be the market's top agency creating 3d print consumer products. Is this success just a fluke of right place, right topic and [...]