How a Young Woman Designer Is Changing the Way the World Poops

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Wish for Wash Founder Jasmine Burton shares her thoughts on innovation and social good. Believing that you have the power to make a difference might sound like the ideals of youth, but putting those ideals into action is what separates designers that just draw from innovators that build. Jasmine Burton, Founder of Wish for Wash a social impact organization that saves lives by bringing innovation to sanitation through culturally-specific research, design and education is an innovator and a doer. As a freshman at Georgia Tech, Jasmine was inspired to do something about the global sanitation crisis by a women's leadership conference by Susan Davis of Improve International. Nearly half of the world doesn't have access to a toilet; of those people, women and girls are disproportionately burdened and pubescent girls in the developing world frequently drop out of school as a result of the lack of toilets in their schools. Angered by this reality, [...]

Why Designers are Bullish on 3D Printing

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Is the demise of Pinshape an indication that the 3D Printing bubble has burst or a reason to invest more? Just announced today, Pinshape, one of the most designer-friendly 3D Print communities, is closing their site with 75,000+ users on March 31, 2016. With a series of down-sizing and product line discontinuations throughout the 3D Printing industry, investors have cooled off considerably on the consumer sector of 3D Printing. Makerbot's 2015 revenues were down by 55% causing layoffs and the parent company, Stratasys took a large goodwill impairment charge for the acquisition. 3D Systems discontinued their consumer sub-$1000 printer, the Cube and closed their design community to focus on their core industrial business departing completely from the consumer marketplace. 3D Printing industry analysts are calling it a sign of a 3D Printing bubble burst, but as a 3D Print designer and co-host of the WTFFF?! 3D Printing podcast, I am hearing the exact opposite from the education, consumer and designer [...]

This Is How You Create a Brand That Gets Noticed

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Aiming just for 'catchy' isn't enough. Here's what goes into creating a brand that people remember. Crafting your brand messages and tag lines to be impactful and memorable is not just important for those entering a Shark Tank-style pitch. It is a marketing requirement to create sound bites with all audiences, on-line and off-line. Best selling author and master publicity strategist, Jill Lublin helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to refine both company and personal brand messaging because very likely you are the brand and the story too. Her technique is to have you first reflect a problem in the marketplace today. Jill Lublin coaches her clients to capture attention and be concise, very concise identifying that "the problem today is..." Then you can move on to why you are or have the solution in an "interesting and relatable way and, of course, giving it a little ooh and ahh." The core message should never be [...]

Secrets to Pitch Your Idea from Bootstrapped to Funded

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Crafting a successful investor pitch requires cracking the funding code with angels not sharks. The most critical secret to getting your pitch funded is one of the top reasons for start-up investment pitch failure - only 3% of start-up funding comes from venture capital. So you are probably in the wrong room - you want to pitch angels, not sharks. However, perfecting your pitch for the right investor with what business model will have traction and what needs to be in your pitch deck requires an inside track on how to crack a secret funding code. Most entrepreneurs, especially creative ones think that they can just wing it and figure it out on their own, but after listening to The Successful Pitch podcast hosted by Funding Strategist, John Livesay, it is clear that struggling to figure out this enigma alone is a big failure point. As John Livesay explains, you need "the right [...]

5 Design Tips Inspired by the Creators of the World’s Most Iconic Office Chair

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Advice from Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick on how to create a legacy of best-selling designs. Ten years after his death, the anniversary of Bill Stumpf's birth date is still being celebrated by those who knew him and his incredible international design reach. Two years into my career as a designer, which, gasp, makes that two decades ago, I was lucky enough to visit his studio and work on a project with him. The Aeron chair was in final production and we were working on custom colors and materials for a special installation project. His studio was fascinating and conducive to his iterative design process and philosophy. He openly shared his work, his process and his thoughts on how good designers are meant to be servant leaders. Those values were reflective of the Herman Miller core values, the company we both served at the time. Herman Miller Bill Stumpf in his studio with [...]