How a Snail-Mail Business Gave Itself a Digital Makeover

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Send Out Cards is weathering a huge corporate culture shift from a company that makes a physical product to a tech-based brand with a personal touch. It's no secret that our world has taken a tremendous turn towards all-digital-everything. So when Kody Bateman, founder of Send Out Cards, and author of Promptings: Your Inner Guide To Making A Difference, built a company by going physical in the midst of a digital world, it seemed market counter-intuitive. Yet, for a business based on the idea that people still like to receive cards in the mail, the company is thriving by embracing technology. According to Bateman, the concept for Send Out Cards was born out of a missed prompt in his own life he still wishes he acted upon. Understanding the importance of being able to connect with the significant people in our lives, Bateman wanted to offer a service that combined handwritten letters and cards. From [...]

Becoming an Innovation Tourism Hot Spot Through the Silicon Valley Model

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How to win business leaders and entrepreneurs and influence business tourism to your city. For decades, the Silicon Valley has been more than just a place on a map. The Silicon Valley is an international symbol of innovation. Other regions around the globe look to imitate the model that the Silicon Valley has established, in hopes of becoming the next big global hub and hot spot for innovation. The key to turning your town into the next Silicon Valley is in understanding why and how the model succeeds. Why the Silicon Valley Model Succeeds Silicon Valley is the birthplace of numerous powerful startups that are now known worldwide. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter are obvious examples of major billion dollar companies started in the Silicon Valley region, and are powered by their motivation to impact our world. Becoming the "go-to" place for innovation means being equipped with unlimited [...]

Creative Mind & Sleep: Does Innovation Thrive In The Night?

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What personality and genetics have to do with why creatives seem destined to get less sleep. It always seems to be the artists, the creators, the inventors, and the designers who suffer from insomnia. Imagine: Einstein in his messy haired glory working away in his lab on the general theory of relativity. Is it a coincidence that this genius stereotype is pervasive? Or is there something more to this 'up-all-night' stereotype? I am a night owl and my husband and business partner is a morning lark. He can fall asleep talking to me at 9pm. Two members of my family gave me a copy of Arianna Huffington's book for my birthday. Obviously I have an issue sleeping, but always thought genetics played a role in whether you are late to bed or early to rise. So it doesn't seem a far stretch to consider personality types as a driving factor in our [...]

How Swimming With Sharks Can Push Your Business to Profitability

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Three reasons to get a shark investor to activate your business and two reasons to avoid becoming bait. Kevin Harrington, one of the Original Sharks, wants to be your 'Shark' too. He wants you to put into practice a secret shared by generations of Japanese fishermen for bringing fish back to shore as fresh as when caught in the deep sea. They put a shark in their fish hold. The small shark keeps the fish moving, energetic and fresh. Of course there might be a few sacrificed and eaten, but selling the freshest sushi or launching the hottest product is worth the loss. Many investor sharks have the philosophy that they bet on the jockey and not the horse. In this metaphor, you would bet on the fisherman and not the fish. According to Kevin, his philosophy is contrary, "In the early days of Shark Tank, I gave money to [...]

Ways 3-D Printing Can Save the Planet, Shift a Company, and Run a Marathon

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Plus how going green by 3-D printing is a sustainable and profitable business model. In conjunction with the Boston Marathon and Patriot's Day, Massachusetts-based New Balance released 44 pairs of the world's first running shoes with 3D printed mid-soles for sale. For Owner and Chairman, Jim Davis, this was personal. He bought the company 44 years ago on Patriot's Day. New Balance joins many other companies, with one foot in the past and one foot in a very innovative and tech-based future. Interestingly enough, this shift from goods manufacturer to technology business is going to do more than make these companies competitive and sustainable in the market. In the near future, 3D printing might just help these companies save the planet too. Here's how. Zero Inventory Model Because 3D printing is manufacturing on-demand, the inventory implications alone are worth exploration by every type of business. 3D printing can yield immediate bottom-line savings on reduction [...]

Hazz Design at CEO Space 0516

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Thanks for coming to the Hazz Design at CEO Space 0516 workshops with Tracy Hazzard and Tom Hazzard! Please find below the links to our presentations and materials for your use. All rights reserved, so please do not distribute or copy without our express written permission. We are happy to come speak to your organizations on any of these subjects. Hazz Design at CEO Space 0516 Hope is Not a Launch Plan Launching a business, product or service is a high-risk game of chance when you have a runway shortened by time or money. Instead of hoping for success, you need the right sequence, tactics and resources to launch on-time, on-budget and on-target. Explore why what you don’t know that you don’t know is a riskier path Understand the critical runway sequence and review gates for a successful launch Learn tips to determine the right resources that can increase your success [...]

How to Develop Extreme, Championship-Level Focus

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Dave Austin has helped top athletes in the NFL, MLB, and Olympics achieve a laser-like focus in high-stakes situations. Here's how. Wouldn't it be great if you could close out the world and the time pressure and calmly focus on only the next critical shot in front of you just like Villanova Wildcats forward Kris Jenkins? With a strong belief system, commitment to goal-focused mental performance and practiced daily intentions, you can. That's according to Extreme Focusmental performance coach Dave Austin, who says you can "be a beast" in your business by adopting daily habits that train you to "become a champion in anything." The reported statistics on retention from business lessons and a good business seminar hovers around 12-13%. Austin says Extreme Focus coaching achieves a 92% retention rate. The key is its use of a visualization concept involving animal models. "Animals add a useable and translatable trigger that increases retention of the mindset to adopt, allowing you to put it into play quickly and instinctively," says [...]

Increase Your Sales by Getting to ‘No’ Fast

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Increase your sales velocity with these innovative selling tips to qualify leads quickly. Wouldn't it be surprising if at your next meeting the salesperson said, "Is it okay if I tell you no?" In a collaborative approach to sales, Top 10 Sales Guru, Bob Urichuck, CEO of Velocity Selling trains sales leaders around the world how to attract, engage and empower buyers to buy from you. Whether you are a start-up building a new sales force or an entrepreneur selling your own service or product, this results-oriented approach is geared to give you the skills needed to grow your bottom-line. Too quickly salespeople jump straight to selling points and solutions which is why you feel "sold to and icky" as Bob puts it. Buyers are in control in today's modern sales presentations - armed with information researched on-line, numerous ways to duck calls and emails, and able to get a lot of [...]

Top 5 Must-Attend Rapid Growth Entrepreneur Conferences This Spring

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Discover tech savvy action-oriented events that can move your business forward now. Spring is packed with business conferences and while I was attending one, I kept seeing many colleagues posting from another event spanning the same days. Feeling like missing out and torn between deciding which ones are better, you might have to decide your own priorities in choosing which conference will yield a better return on investment for your money and your time. The criteria used here to select Spring 2016 picks for the Top 5 Must-Attend Rapid Growth Conferences is simply that conferences must have the following characteristics. Be packed with action-oriented workshops and seminars that are not sales pitches from the floor disguised as a workshop. They must be full of free content that is useful to building a strong business that can accelerate your growth quickly. Be run by great people with strong desires to serve [...]