High Pressure Start-Ups Need Resourceful Front Line Leaders

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How hiring veterans with bullet-tested leadership brings resourcefulness and real world experience to your company. As an innovative start-up charting new territory, you need strategy, structure, systems, quick deployment, inventiveness with meager resources, and a team that has your back. One day you are dressed up in full presentation mode and the next you are rolling up your sleeves and cleaning the office bathroom. Being in the midst of a start-up feels like a constant battle, but imagine if you had to do that with actual bullets flying. Imagine the powerful training you would have undergone and the skills, tactics, discipline and leadership characteristics you would have to guide you forward. Our discharged and retired military come home from deployment to a very different world. Veterans like Nick Ripplinger, author of the bestselling book, Front Line Leadership, received the Defense Meritorious Service Medal (the third highest peace-time award) during active duty [...]

Growing an Iconic Brand Requires Perseverance

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How the Uggs Founder survived and pivoted his brand from conception to birth and into maturity. Just as in life, business must always grow in phases. You cannot possibly run before you walk, or hit your teen years before the terrible two's, and you most definitely cannot give birth to an adult. The founder of UGGS, Brian Smith, learned this lesson and plenty more along the way as he turned his idea of bringing sheepskin boots to the U.S. into something that has become a household name, a fashion staple, and an icon for business success. Conception to Birth Is Only the First Phase How many times in the process of growing your business have you seriously considered throwing in the towel? For Brian Smith, as he grew UGGS, that answer was four.  Four times he almost walked away from it all because he didn't realize in those moments that he was [...]

How to Power-Boost Your Confidence in 2 Minutes

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This is how you draw strength and power from your mind-body connection to deliver the perfect pitch. There is a long history of researchers discussing the mind-body connection. Body posture "speaks" and is part of the non-verbal way people communicate with each other. In the workplace, this means that you are constantly communicating, whether you are talking or not. For example, eyes cast down or shoulders slumped are usually associated with lower confidence or even sadness. It is important to understand that our body language speaks to others but our body language also communicates with us internally. Amy Cuddy, a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School studied the question of how does our body language affect us? She gave a great TED talk on the topic. She coined the termed "power posing" to study how a certain body posture might actually help increase confidence. This pose consists of standing tall with [...]

Tips to Make Your Overseas Business Trip Carefree

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The best secrets about what to pack and how to stay connected while traveling abroad. There are so many ways travel can go wrong. Just as with any travel abroad, a lot of things change once you exit your native country and being prepared for those changes is one of the easiest ways you can ensure a stress-free and successful trip. Here are seasoned traveler secrets to help you minimize unnecessary stress and make your journey into Asia, Africa, Australia or wherever your business takes you, triumphant. Let's Begin With Packing Perfectly Packing just the right items to prepare for the unknown is something you learn how to do well when you travel often. Generous Layers of Clothes - the flight is always way too hot or way too cold so having plenty of clothing options is a no-brainer. Hand Sanitizer Wipes - Carrying extra liquids, or any liquids, can definitely slow you down with security [...]

How Jamaica Became a Logistics Powerhouse

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The Panama Canal expansion is turning Jamaica into the go-to place for sophisticated logistics. When conjuring up images of Jamaica the mind sees tropical beaches, mega resorts and friendly people saying 'Ya-Man'. The island has developed a clear brand in tourism as a friendly convenient place to vacation and relax. Behind the scenes where most tourists never visit you will find a sophisticated infrastructure that has been growing since the island's independence in 1962. Ambition and vision have been the key action statement driving the goal of becoming the business powerhouse of the Caribbean and helped it achieve an Inc. ranking of #7 as one of the Most Entrepreneurial Countries in the World. Advantages such as a highly educated labor pool, world-class infrastructure in telecommunications and a government that is expected to cut red tape for start-ups might make Jamaica your ideal business powerhouse location. Why Jamaica Should Be Your Next Business Location In [...]