Grill the Expert: 10 Crucial Questions to Ask

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How to accelerate your business with the right resource at the right time Whenever I talk about hiring experts, I always think of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich story about a man who was '3 Feet From Gold.' After an initial find of gold ore, the man covered it up, returned home, raised money, bought equipment and went back to dig. He found some more but then the gold stopped. He kept on digging but eventually gave up in frustration and sold everything to a junk man. The junk man consulted a mining expert and found out that gold runs in a vein. They simply turned three feet and dug up millions. Perseverance to not give up would not have been the point of this story if the miner had just reached out for an expert. Your mindset can be blocking your from seeing the need for an expert. Once you get over the [...]

Why Perseverance Isn’t Enough to Bring Your Invention to Market

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Three ways to shift your thinking and take the actions needed to profit from your ideas. Pushing past naysayers and those who don't see your vision absolutely requires a thick skin and perseverance for any inventor. However, giving up too soon is not likely to be the biggest problem blocking your success getting your innovation to market. You are. Here are three mindsets that might make you a successful inventor but be blocking you from seeing the actions or resources needed to take you to success: Perfectionism Of the hundreds of products and inventions I have reviewed or been asked to advise on over the last few years, an overwhelming percentage of them had patents that had already issued. The majority had been worked on for at least a year or more. Maybe to you that might be unsurprising, but less than 10% had ever tried to sell a single unit [...]

Design Economy Tools That Empower Creative Freelancers

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How a home crafting marketplace helps freelancers compete with the big agencies. We have watched trends in the workplace come and go with each generation, but for some of the trends, their staying power leaves such a mark it is sure to influence the tapestry of everything that will follow. The trend I am talking about, specifically, is freelancing. We are watching priorities change with each generation entering the workforce. Professionals are no longer forced into a cubicle box with a 9 to 5 schedule and a week of vacation. There are platforms popping up around the world for creative entrepreneurs, for professionals, for designers - to become freelancers almost overnight. Marketplace connector sites, like Spoonflower, allow home crafters to turn designs into commerce and allow professional designers to freelance more, shifting the design economy to be more accessible for freelancers at all levels. Freelancing Requires Low Barrier to Entry Technology I started my career in [...]

Making Government Great Requires Innovation

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How Uncle Sam is quickly becoming Aunt Alexa and what that means for you. Imagine using your Apple watch to explore boat launches and water trails at state parks - (this is happening in Maryland). Or using an innovative technology product like Amazon Echo to quiz you for an upcoming driving test - (currently available in Utah). Or having your cell phone remind you and help you renew your driver's license - (thousands are using this in Arkansas). No lines. No paperwork. No bureaucracy. Which sounds slightly unbelievable given that we are discussing the government, but what we are looking at is the future role our government will play in our daily lives. The company at the heart of this innovation is NIC. With a slogan that reads "making good government great" NIC describes their purpose as making government more accessible and more efficient for all. NIC has spent the last 20+ years working [...]

5 Secrets From A Body Language Expert To Perfect Your Pitch

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A body language expert explains how to perfect your product presentation. Communication is the human connection. You are in a constant state of communicating with those around you, basically every waking moment. It is an ebb and flow of information, thoughts, emotions, and reactions being passed back and forth as you move throughout your day. When it comes to business and selling your product, this is no different. As the inventor, the creator, the designer... you must take on the job of learning how to present your products in a way that grabs the curiosity of others and makes them want to know more. The Perfect Pitch What I'm talking about here is the almighty, important perfect pitch. Before a product ever actually becomes, well- a product, it goes through several phases of development and growth. Once you've reached the part of the process where you are ready to let the [...]

Secret Formula to Designing Products That Sell

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If necessity is the mother of invention, then you need to follow the formula to find the need gap. Do you ever wonder why some products, brands, or designs seem to blow up overnight, while others fall flat instantly? My experience in bringing products to market (A LOT of products) has taught me quite a bit about what it takes to design products that will succeed in our ever-changing, and fast-paced marketplace. There is a slight method to the madness when it comes to knowing which product to create, why, and how to make that product work for those who need it most. Where there is a need, there is a gap waiting to be filled, and this is how you should begin your process of designing something the masses will actually buy. Innovating In the Gap I'm not the only one who has figured out the 'secret formula'. Lee Richter, [...]