How Office Design Can Boost Profits

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Design a super cool office increases productivity, employee satisfaction, and your bottom line. As an entrepreneur, there are so many aspects to the success of your company that you must consider if you want to compete with the top performers. At the end of the day, when all the emails are sent, the meetings are closed, the bids are in, and the lights are out, you probably aren't thinking about which color paint might look best in your new digs. But you should. The success of your company and the productivity of your employees are directly tied to the design of your workspace. So I sat down with Kenneth Baker, of Gensler, a design firm that really gets the connection, to find out the nitty-gritty details on what office design has to do with the bottom line. It All Starts With a Strategy Design as a standalone, is not the only contributor [...]

10 Best Podcasts for Designers and Innovators

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When great minds in design & innovation are willing to share their wisdom and knowledge, listen up! Podcasts are a great option for staying on top of what's trending (or not so much!), new design perspectives, and to get inside the crazy-interesting minds of admired innovators and designers. Podcasts allow you to make the most of idle time by listening while commuting, traveling, carpooling, or even cooking dinner. There are a lot of podcasts out there, and choosing the best one to commit your time to can be a daunting task. So, I put together a list of my top 10 can't-miss podcasts on innovation and design, plus one that is not specifically innovation-related but gets your mind turning. You can thank me later. New and notable innovation podcast picks: 1. Passive Income for Designers - Dustin Lee This is a powerful idea that designers need multiple income streams, especially one that does [...]

How to Craft a Compelling Pitch (That Isn’t Over the Top)

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How to get your financial models, realistic goals, and believable projections right. It seems that the work of an entrepreneur is never done. You've got your idea (the next big thing since sliced bread, of course) and you've put in the hours. You've pulled all-nighters, you've traveled around the clock, and you've talked and talked and shared and talked some more. You've sent uncountable emails and now you are finally ready... to meet with your investors. This is where it really gets tricky because there is a lot of outdated advice out there, and there are a lot of entrepreneurs who fumble their way through pitches because they weren't sure what to prepare or what to expect. Ahh the pitch... it's nerve-wrecking, intimidating, and has the potential to make or break the future of your 'next best thing.' It's Good to Know the Experts Self-proclaimed financial geek, John Shumate, founder and CEO of Venture [...]

Guns: The Dark Side of 3-D Printing Arrives in Reno

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Concerns over criminal use of 3-D printing spawns legislative action in California and hits home for the TSA. Up until now, it has been rare to find a 3D printed gun being used outside of fringe activists. But recently concerns over 3D printed guns has hit both the Reno, Nevada TSA and the California legislation. While this dark side of 3D printing has been a passing concern, it is hitting close to home and raising concern from law enforcement, legislation, and 3D print experts like author and intellectual property attorney, John Hornick, partner at Washington, DC based Finnegan IP law firm. "There are starting to be a lot of reasons law enforcement is taking a closer look at 3D printing," Hornick says. TSA 3D Printed Gun Find Surprising or not, the Transportation Safety Administration reported on their blog that they found 68 firearms in carry-on luggage this week - one of them was 3D printed. "While it [...]

3 Things Freelancers Need to Do Now to Get Gigs

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Gig-economy freelancing realities: What the numbers show and how you can connect and compete. If anyone has ever tried to tell you freelancing is easy, it's because they've never freelanced. When technology took off, it dragged many creative types along for the wild ride holding on for dear life. When the prospect of leaving regular day jobs for the freedom and excitement of "gigging" became a real possibility, a lot of people jumped ship, leaving their conventional jobs behind. It was a glorious time of gigs as far as the eye could see. You want to write copy for a perfume company looking to expand its audience? That job is out there. You want to create blog posts anonymously for the design company you've been drooling over for the past year? Go for it! And then something happened. All at once it seemed like everyone realized the opportunity and the market became [...]