Put the IQ Power of Scorpion in Your Start-Up

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Wish you could put the real Scorpion team to work on your biggest challenge for only $150 an hour? Wish granted. Let's go back in time a little bit... There was a lot going on in 1988, especially with NASA. This is the year they decided to resume their space shuttle program, only two and a half years after the Challenger disaster took the lives of seven NASA employees. As NASA set out to, once again, change the course of history, their forward momentum didn't go unnoticed. Walter O'Brien was just 13-years old at the time, and he was fascinated with the space shuttle program. So he did what any intrigued 13-year old boy would do. He hacked into NASA's databases, stole a copy of the shuttle blueprint, printed it out, and hung it on his bedroom wall. Imagine his surprise when all those black cars showed up outside his [...]

Finally: An Office Space That Works For You

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Here are three alternatives to the cubicle: which one fits your business culture and work personality? We talk about innovation and office space design A LOT. With good reason too. The most recent studies on productivity, and maximizing your bottom line, are showing us that your office space plays a key role in both. The 1960's saw the absolute rise of the cubicle and office chairs, thanks to Herman Miller and companies began cramming as many people as they could into whatever space they could afford... and everyone learned a few very valuable lessons: Unmotivated employees are expensive. Distractions are also expensive. Getting your office design wrong... is very expensive. With all of this valuable information, and new office design options optimal for productivity, I thought I would spend some time sorting out the criteria for the top 3 alternative office designs to help you decide if any of these options are the right [...]

This Software Is Going to Change the Way You See Photographs

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Meet Plotagraph: The animated photography tool that will turn your Instagram marketing upside down. Getting your photo noticed in a sea of social media photos, is much like finding the needle in the haystack. There's only so much you can do with the photo itself, to grab a viewers' attention, and most of it may have already been done. We live in a media driven world. There is never a shortage of videos, photographs, and looping clips to keep us entertained and occupied. The average consumer sees thousands of images a day, which makes for some pretty stiff competition, if you're sharing photos as a way to drive business. Then, there's always the option of video, and the perks of offering clips instead, except 80 percent of social media users are watching without audio, as they scroll right through and miss the message you worked so hard to convey. The [...]

3 Hidden Dangers of Cooperative Networking

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Tips from a networking group insider that can keep you accelerating to business success. In the 90's we had lunch and learn networking, always trying to be productive. The 2000's brought tightening budgets but a growth in personal crisis groups in the advent of 9/11. But this decade, cooperative networking has emerged as the must-have growth necessity of every entrepreneur. But has it really changed much over the past three decades or is it just the same message rebranded? After a year and a half witnessing these groups at work from the inside as a speaker, mastermind leader and faculty member, as well as from the outside, I have seen a few dangerous patterns emerge. So, whether you are auditing a free local meet-up, joining a mastermind, or attending a full conference, you need to be cognizant of how these organizations work. Be aware of these hidden dangers in cooperative networking before [...]

How to Keep Innovating at the Speed of Disruptive Technology

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Getting beyond the buzz of disruptive technology into reality requires an innovative business approach. The most popular buzzword in the world of business and technology right now is: innovation. The companies that are looking outward and upward, are trying to guess the future, and get ahead of the trends by using innovation, and disruptive technologies. Our business economy is racing forward at hyper-speed, and the fast pace often sees companies left behind, simply because they couldn't change fast enough. There is also a huge percentage of the business world who are not being left behind, but they are just barely staying ahead of the curve... and then, there are the elite few who are seeing the curve from a few miles back, and transforming to meet it head on. Those elite few are taking innovation to a whole new level, by creating specific environments, or companies, based solely on this idea [...]

How to Overcome Fear and Do the Impossible

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It's about learning to starve your fears to feed your vision.   Lately the innovative entrepreneurs I have been meeting and talking to at networking events are full of stories of roadblocks, challenges and excuses for why they are not living their dream and moving forward. I'm not alone hearing this. Author and The Unshackled Owner Mentor, Aaron Young has been hearing the same thing. In a recent Livestream video on "What's Holding You Back?" Aaron asked, "You have a dream or an idea of something you want to do...get your product out to market. So, the question is what's the problem, what's the struggle?" Innovators should have an advantage because vision and hard work can more easily come together to be the recipe for success. To try to get to the essence of the inventor-specific barriers and issues, I conducted a survey on What's Holding You Back from Invention Success? at a local [...]