Business Skills That Save Your Creativity & Your Bank Account

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Business Skills That Save Your Creativity & Your Bank Account To sustain the creative process, you need balance, in artistry, and in business. The American dream is shifting. What was once a benefits package and early retirement has now become gigging and freedom. Creative types around the world rejoiced when the internet opened up a $715 billion dollar marketplace of freelance work ripe and ready for the picking. So freelance they did, business they did not. And here we are, several years in, with quite a few lessons under our artist aprons, of business savvy, balance, and what it really takes to survive as a non-starving artist. Why Balance Is So Important Think about it this way: on one side is your amazing artistic ability, your design skills, and your creative crux... and on the other, your business savvy. In order to use your artistic abilities to make an actual living, there's [...]

3 Reasons You Should Be Charging More

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3 Reasons You Should Be Charging More How your rates decide the value clients place on your products and services. Have you ever noticed there are some businesses that are always "liquidating" or having their final "going out of business" sale? It's because over the past decade we have become obsessed with getting a good deal, being savvy shoppers, and getting more bang for our buck. This trend has put us in a perpetual cycle of Sale! Sale! Sale! Now, data and buyer trends allows us a great amount of insight into what motivates clients to buy and the amount of value they place on each purchase. In the world of business, being the best deal is not always the winning path. Your client directly relates the amount they pay for your services to the amount of value you can bring to the table. What Is Your Knowledge and Experience Worth? When you are [...]

How to Mature Your Business Skills and Your Business

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3 simple keys to unlock your potential and mature into a thriving business that runs itself. Something we can all agree on, when looking at the world of business, is that most entrepreneurs never actually evolve out of start-up mode. A lot of the time, in a start-up (especially with a creative type at the helm) there is a false belief that every aspect of the business must rely on you, must be controlled by you, and must be run by you. Otherwise the business will not be able to function. This limiting belief will prevent your business from growing to its full potential, and is one of the main reasons why a lot of start-ups never leave that initial mode of continuously starting-up. Strategy Isn't Just A Business Buzz-Word In order to change this truth for your business, you have to put in place strategies that are proven, to build [...]

3 Branding Errors You Don’t Want to Make

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How to avoid branding disaster; advice from a direct response expert on navigating an image-based world. The world of branding is changing. Just by way of technology and platforms alone, our pathways and possibilities to clients have increased dramatically, and with that has come more opportunity than ever before, to connect personally with potential or repeat clients. These pathways help companies to create a seemingly transparent branded image, with consistent and genuine messaging that hits home for these clients. Unless you're doing it wrong. Then, these pathways create plenty of opportunity for confused and inconsistent branding (which happens A LOT) and for companies to find themselves in a make-or-break situation because they aren't getting the right message through to the right people in the right way. There is so much noise on the internet when it comes to branding and marketing, but in order to start to sort out what [...]

The Productivity Strategy That Really Gives You Extra Time in Your Day

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Wouldn't it be amazing to manage your time so well, you'll have some leftover? Change your mindset first. Life, along with all of its wonderful distractions can be overwhelming and will eventually lead a lot of people, at one point or another, down a path that is lacking clarity, purpose, and energy. Laymen's Terms: When you get off track, you don't manage your time well, and as a result, your life lacks cohesion, purpose, and balance. There is one driving factor that will decide whether or not you avoid this type of cyclical dead zone. What I am talking about is time. The very thing that is said to stop for no one yet also stand still. The grand illusion and absolute. When you take a look at how time can be described, it seems to me there is some confusion about time. But more importantly, some confusion about how we spend [...]

Checkmate: How Top Leaders Beat the Competition

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How Chess can help your business make one smart move at a time instead of just looking for the big bold wins. A centuries old game is taking the business world by storm in a very new way, and I wanted to know more about the whole thing. So I tracked down the expert, bestselling author Jim Egerton, to learn more. Jim's book, Business On The Board: How the World's Greatest Game Can Build Better Leaders is teaching the front-runners necessary business and life skills through a game-based approach, applying the theories of chess to real-life. Top leaders like Paypal's, Daniel Schulman and billionaire Richard Branson are avid Chess players. We can not only learn winning lessons from the Grandmasters, but also from famous opponents too. Bill Gates even played an infamous game against Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. Spoiler alert: although Gates lost, every move has been analyzed to show telling insights into his weak [...]