3D Print Get Rich Quick Guide : Yeah Right!

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We get a little bit critical today of a book called 3D Printing Business: How to Get Rich from Home with 3D Printing.  We found this book on Amazon and even though it was only $4, we think it is totally not worth it! But it’s not just the book, it’s the whole concept of ‘3D Print Get Rich Quick’ that we think really hurt the 3D printing industry. 3D printing is not a get rich from home overnight type of thing. It’s just not that. Listen to the podcast here: 3D Print Get Rich Quick Guide : Yeah Right!

3D Start Point Pick – Best 3D Printer for The Tech Un-Savvy

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We’ve always said there is no one best 3D printer for everyone, but there are some 3D printers that are the best for many. In all honesty though, it does boil down to your WHAT – what you want to make with your 3D printer. However, there are some printers that are better for certain types of people, and we’ve identified what the best 3D printer for the tech un-savvy is – the XYZ daVinci Jr. 3D Start Point Pick – Best 3D Printer for The Tech Un-Savvy The XYZ daVinci Jr makes our pick for the best 3D

3D Print Teaching Startpoint with Drew Lentz of MakerBot

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We have an education beast interviewing with us today with someone who is really in the trenches of 3D print teaching. Anyone of our listeners that’s a teacher, educator, head of the PTA, or anyone who is considering getting 3D printing into schools this is the one for you. We have Drew Lentz on the podcast today. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering but he is also involved in product design and was a middle school science teacher. Now for the last two years he has been an employee at MakerBot and is now the manager of the

Ringing in 2017 with a Proposal Means Shopping for the Right Ring

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Four engagement ring trends you must know if you are going to 'put a ring on it' in 2017. If you haven't checked your Facebook feed in the last hour, you might have missed the most recent engagement announcement. Two of my millennial-aged cousins got engaged in the past month. Proposals are in the air from November through February with nearly 6 million online searches for engagement rings taking place in the first two weeks of December alone. But seasonal spikes are not all that unusual according to brick-and-mortar luxury jeweler, Bernie Robbins, luxury on-line jewelry curator, Nikki Lawrence Co-Founder of Gleem & Co., and Ring Cam CEO, Sam Tzou. All are experiencing a seasonal swing - a 200-300% jump in sales during the holiday months. What is unusual is that there is a significant increase in engagement ring sales this year over last, of up to 25% outperforming most of the jewelry industry. [...]

Feetz Custom 3D Printed Shoes, with Lucy Beard

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  Today, we are super excited to interview Lucy Beard about Feetz Custom 3D Printed Shoes. We had the opportunity to hear Lucy speak in San Diego at the Inside 3D Printing conference last December. We were really impressed, and went up to her after her talk to ask if she would be a guest on the show. She was more than happy to do it. She was also requested by Eduardo Martini via Facebook, who saw the online promo video for their shoes and suggested her as a guest. We’ve been looking for female CEOs in the 3D printing world. She

Cura Slicing Software Review

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Cura is a free slicing software that is created by Ultimaker. Cura has a lot of features, and these are definitely for the advanced user. If you’re serious about doing your own slicing and want to do advanced things that go beyond predefined basic slicing settings, then the Cura slicing software is definitely a good slicer to try out. Listen to the podcast here: Cura Slicing Software Review   Hey there, everyone. This is Tom on the WTFFF 3D Printing podcast. Today, I’m going to be doing a review of the slicing software called Cura. This is going

How to Fund Your New Product Launch in 2017

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Need seed money for market proof? Here's where you can find it. Product based businesses often operate, even long-term, in a stop and go fashion, which makes lines of credit or access to cash very important, whether you're in your 1st year or your 10th year. This is a tough lesson some businesses learn too late in the game, and it ends up hurting them in major ways. I will never forget hearing from the founder of UGG Boots, Brian Smith, about how this was the main reason he ended up selling off his business. The cash flow/lending portion of the business became exhausting and after more than a decade of dealing with it, he finally had enough. I'm sharing this with you to show that this isn't something that always gets easier with time. With a product-based business, it seems you cannot totally avoid this, but you can use this [...]

Why Pantone’s Color of 2017 Matters to Your Business

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Color trends can make or break your business, but it's more than just picking a color. As we prepare to move into a New Year there will be plenty of preparation done by businesses looking to scale and level up in 2017. With these preparations, there should be room left to look at office design, color palette choices, and what your 'look' will feel like in 2017. Architecture, design, planning and consulting firm​, Gensler's Senior Associate, Nestor Santa-Cruz discussed his 2017 color trends thought and I was thrilled to get his experienced insight. Going Date-Less In 2017 One of my favorite pieces of information from the conversation between Nestor and myself was the term 'date-less' and what that means when applied to design. This is core to what I practice everyday in time-less product design. Date-less is the idea that space or product design needs to have a long lasting effect, both [...]

STEAM & Girls Don’t Usually Go Together, Until Now

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How one company is closing the gender gap and creating a way to engage women in STEAM and 3D printing. In the world of 3D modeling and 3D printing, women aren't just a minority... they're difficult to find at all. In the design world, it is easy to recognize this on a daily basis, and given the work and resulting products, it is even easier to see the true effect gender discrepancies are having on this field. Suz Somersall, female founder of KiraKira.com is working to close the gender gap once and for all. For Suz, it all started, a little bit at a time, during her time at RISD learning metal-smithing, industrial design, and 3D modeling. "3D modeling tools were really exciting for me because I figured out, pretty early on, that I could basically create anything I wanted to with these tools." Where Have All The Girls Gone? When Suz had the opportunity to participate [...]

Secret to Conversion: Learning the Language of Success

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Expand your foundation team and change your business narrative to produce massive results now. At this point in business, we've all heard of at least one business coach, or possibly even worked with one, who had a million ideas about what you need to do right now to be successful. And I can almost guarantee that not any single one of them is packing the same punch as Bill Stierle, and they definitely are not taking the same approach. Bill is a consultant who works with companies that have hit a plateau. They want to get to 'the next level' but they have no idea what the next step is. Even more importantly, they probably have no idea what that next level is either. The Reverse-Engineered Sales Business Model What Bill knows, and loves teaching, is that most businesses are approaching their 'next level' growth backwards. Rather than saying, "Okay, we want growth" why [...]

James Bond’s Gadget Designer Raises $58 Million on Future Vision of AR Glasses

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Can Osterhout Design Group really design cool mobile augmented reality and virtual reality smartglasses that actually sell? Augmented reality is projected to be a $150 billion industry by 2020 and investors are spending like this is an actual reality not a projected one. Osterhout Design Group (ODG)about raised $58 million in Series A from Vanfund Urban Investment & Development, Shenzhen O-Film Tech, and other investors, including strategic partner 21st Century Fox. There has been a lot of rapid movement this year with media companies investing in VR, AR and 360° video being seen in software, content development and hardware. Notably, Facebook and Oculus Rift VR; Huffington Post and RYOT; HBO and Otoy; Microsoft and Hololens; along with Conde Nast, Vice Media, Discovery Communications and USA Today among many others. But without great smartglasses that enhance instead of detract from the AR/VR experiences, the market won't shift from early adopters to mass market. [...]