Why Licensing of Products and Patents Is So Hard

2017-07-07T18:07:39+00:00February 24th, 2017|INC Articles|

An honest look at what inventors can really expect when attempting to licensing a product idea. I cannot tell you how many designers and inventors I have talked to over the years have an unrealistic view of the potential licensing process. They think, "I have a great idea. Why wouldn't X Company want to buy my idea, make it and pay me royalty?" But, over the past decade, our marketplace has changed and the licensing process and market cycles have changed with it. For example, prior to the recession, the life cycle of a product was generally 3-5 years. After the recession companies began to feel pressure to switch products every 6-12 months. Now, with the growth of the internet and other tools, the development cycle is also shorter and drastically different. These things matter when it comes to the level of difficulty attached to obtaining a licensing agreement and [...]

7 Sins Of 3D Printing/Lean Manufacturing

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  Tom and Tracy share their list of the seven deadly sins in 3D printing that are keeping it from becoming lean manufacturing. There are supposed to be eight things that you should remove from a company to make it a true lean manufacturing model, and 3D printing actually solves a lot of those eight things. But there are also seven things being done in 3D printing that are holding it back. Listen to the podcast here: 7 Sins Of 3D Printing/Lean Manufacturing   Today, we are going to share with you our list, our actual seven sins of 3D

Clear 3D Printing – New Possibilities

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  In Today’s episode, Tom and Tracy discuss the new possibilities that clear 3D printing could offer. They saw a Twitter post by Daniel Norée that featured a clear 3D printed model. Tom and Tracy talk about the possible uses of clear 3D printing if it really can be done now, like in light designs, glasses and lenses, toys, awards and collectibles, and even containers. Listen to the podcast here: Clear 3D Printing – New Possibilities   Hey, everyone. This is Tracy and Tom on the WTFFF 3D Printing podcast. We’re putting 3D printing in the clear. We saw this

AstroPrint 3D Printing Apps Promote Ease of Use

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We decided to follow up with someone we met at SoCal MakerCon. Back then we didn’t have enough time to get in depth about what they do; the company is Astroprint. In the SoCal MakerCon interview with him I said that their company is just apps and software, so it didn’t quite excite me. But now that we have learned more about it, I have learned that Astroprint 3D Printing Apps Promote Ease of Use, and I actually think it really is exciting. Drew Taylor is one of the founders of Astroprint, and we had a really good interview

5 Ways to Command Attention for Your App

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In this age of app overload, you need advice from experts on what you can do to get noticed. According to Statista, as of January 2017, 2.2 million mobile apps were available to download for various iOS devices. Smartphones opened a new world for apps with the average smartphone user getting lost in their favorite apps for around 40-hours per month. That's not even the most surprising part. Even more than the amount of apps available is who owns those apps that gain the most notoriety. If you're developing an app, keep in mind that you will be competing with tech and social giants currently dominating the space like Facebook or Google. And here's another interesting tidbit for you: while the amount of time users spend with their apps continues to increase, the actual number of apps they are using has stayed the same for the past 3 years. What Does [...]

The Brain Science Behind Designing the Right Customer Experience

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Psychological control, developing trust, and the neuroscience behind what makes the sale. Hopefully last year has taught you a lot about how to do business, or in the case of the Mylan EpiPen, a lot about how not to do business. So I want to talk about that, as well as how we can all do better in 2017 by understanding what it means to transfer dominance to our clients and also how to earn their trust. First Let's Talk About the Epipen Disaster When customers, who were truly in need of a real solution, gained the EpiPen, they felt in control. They were thrilled, willing to pay the asking price, and were experiencing a rush of positive emotions associated with that gain. To make a somewhat long story short, when Mylan raised the price of the EpiPen, they went from a company quelling fear to a company instilling fear. [...]

Diversify Your 3D Print Freelance Work – But Not Too Much!

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  It is back to Business Monday and we will be talking about 3D print freelance work. There are two schools of thought on freelance work. One is that you diversify. You should take as many gigs as possible, if you want to call it that way. What kind of gigs are we talking about? Like contract 3D printing if you have a 3D printer. It could be that. It could be design work or whatever it is. I have been talking to a lot of freelance association and other things lately for the Inc. articles. It is interesting and eye

Brand Is Out And Social Community Building Is In

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If 2016 was the year of the brand, 2017 will be the year of community as we seek more/better ways to authentically connect with our clients. I feel like the word I heard most in 2016 was brand. Everything was brand-centric and every brand was focused on branding their brand just right. I even got in on the branding fun, covering it on more than one occasion. The reason everyone was so focused on designing their brand was, and still is, because we've realized that in order for people to buy, they have to first connect. The brand is the story that garners that initial connection which is necessary for the buy. Once this realization hit the market in such a clear-cut way, everyone took notice and followed suit. That is, until a man by the name of Arthur Tubman introduced quite an opposite approach. What Is The Process Of Building A Community? Arthur's job in [...]

End User 3D Printing

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Today we are bringing you a follow-up interview that was mentioned in our episode with Brandon Davis where we talked about his mission with the new Blue Dragon and end user 3D printing, of FFF 3D printing. I think this is really interesting that we’re focusing on people who are really choosing FFF printers for end use production. This has happened multiple times now. I really liked doing that because I think that 3D printing, the obvious use of it has been prototyping, rapid prototyping. There are a lot of companies focused on just specifically that. While there’s certainly nothing

Planktomania – 3D Print Plankton

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Today, we’re going to talk about 3D print plankton by Planktomania. Their website is a great resource for teachers and students out there. This just shows how 3D printing creates endless possibilities specifically in for education. Something micro can now be printed and held and experienced, taking the learning process to a whole new level. Listen to the podcast here: Planktomania – 3D Print Plankton Hi, this is Tracy and Tom on the WTFFF 3D Printing Podcast. We are going to talk about plankton today. Bet you didn’t see that coming. We’re going to talk about 3D

3D Prints for Your Pet

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3D Prints for Your Pet The CAD file libraries are full of 3D prints to show off your love of your pet, but there aren’t quite as many 3D prints for your pet. What’s out there is nice, but doesn’t exactly show off beautifully designed items with a more unique twist compared to what you could purchase off the shelf. These files are great starting points to be inspired for your own weekend 3D print project to design 3D prints for you pet. One of the first things you need and should do when you get a new pet

Building Bytes 3D Printed Bricks

2017-05-23T15:29:04+00:00February 13th, 2017|3D Start Point|

  I love this day. Me, too. We are finding more and more fun things to highlight and show the potential of what other people are doing in terms of design. I have to say, before we push this one out today, I have been getting some really great people sending me their design inspiration in a non-pushy way, which I really appreciate. People send me a conversation to have about what inspired them. It’s not like, “Cover my idea!” It’s so nice. I want to cover them because they are inspiring me by what they are saying about

These 2 Startup Killers Are Both Rooted in Lack of Diversity

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In both people and product, a lack of diversity spells disaster for your funding and success. I feel like we've reached a point with the word diversity, where we kind of skip over it. We've heard the word so many times we may not even be attaching meaning to it, when there is plenty of meaning begging to be addressed. In fact, there are two major ways diversity, or a lack thereof, can kill your start-up and its funding dead in its tracks. Let's Get Rid of the Buzzword Affect We can do this by loosely defining what diversity means in business. When I use the word, it isn't only to point out gender, race, or sexual orientation. Diversity can refer to perspective, background, life experiences, generation, and so on. The reason it is so important to consider this is because this isn't some hippie-love-and-peace idea, this is our reality. We [...]

The One Hire Holding Back Your Consumer Success

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CES lesson: Cool tech is not enough. Get a consumer-centric designer in your business today. You can't get more tech-excited than attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas each year. But this year, one thing is glaringly clear - cool tech is not enough.Businesses and products are getting lost in their own technology and what is being shown here at CES looks and tastes like flavors of the same technology or marketing spin. Innovative or not, unless you move your business and products quickly to a consumer-centric model and retro-think your way back to the technology of features, you are wasting valuable money and time on your way to sales success. If a consumer doesn't value your features, why are you including it? If they haven't yet chosen to become your consumer, why are you stalking them? Stop Stalking and Start Conversing During a talk at Pixels, part of the Publicis [...]

Women in 3D Printing # 3DTalk Meetup

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Today, Tom is going to ask Tracy questions about the # 3DTalk meetup,  that she attended virtually. Tracy will talk about the things that she learned and realized in this meetup, like the role of tech in jobs, how everything comes back to art and design and how companies in the industry need to have a little more end user empathy focus. Listen to the podcast here: # 3DTalk Meetup Hi, everyone. This is Tom and Tracy on the WTFFF 3D Printing Podcast. Today, we’ve got a little bit of a different format where I’m actually going to be asking Tracy some

Women in 3D Printing Meetup

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Today, Tom is going to ask Tracy questions about the Women in 3D Printing meetup that she attended virtually. Tracy will talk about the things that she learned and realized in this meetup, like the role of tech in jobs, how everything comes back to art and design and how companies in the industry need to have a little more end user empathy focus. Listen to the podcast here: Women in 3D Printing Meetup Hi, everyone. This is Tom and Tracy on the WTFFF 3D Printing Podcast. Today, we’ve got a little bit of a different format where I’m actually going

MorphiApp CAD Software Review

2017-05-23T15:29:04+00:00February 8th, 2017|3D Start Point|

MorphiApp is a tablet-based CAD software that I think is a great starting point for kids or even adults who are just getting into 3D printing and CAD softwares. It has a free version and a paid version. It is only for Apple or iOS based devices for now though. But is impressive in it’s capabilities, and you can do a lot with it, even in the free version. Listen to the podcast here: MorphiApp CAD Software Review Hey, everyone. This is Tom on the WTFFF 3D Printing podcast. Today, we’ve got another in our series of CAD software

Applied 3D Printing, with Brandon Davis

2017-02-09T07:27:35+00:00February 8th, 2017|3D Start Point|

Today, we’re going to talk about what I think is the mantra so far for the year, applied 3D printing, applications of 3D printing, applied technology. I feel like we’re at that stage in 3D printing where that has to be happening. The use studies, cases that are working. We’re shifting out of it being theoretical into being applied. I think especially with what we saw at CES this year with Titan Robotics. To me, what they have been researching and doing with Autodesk over the last year or so with Project Dasher is a great example of that,

Simplify3D Slicing Software Review

2017-02-07T08:25:57+00:00February 7th, 2017|3D Start Point|

Simplify3D, from my experience and in my opinion, is the best slicing software that I’ve come across so far. It’s not free, but it is well worth it’s price. Simplify3D, not only does it have more capabilities than any other slicing software I’ve used, but it really is a very comprehensive program and it has a well done user interface. Listen to the podcast here: Simplify3D Slicing Software Review Hey, everyone. This is Tom on the WTFFF 3D Printing Podcast. Today, I’m going to continue another review on our series of reviews of slicing software. We’ve done a couple

Scan The World Initiative, with Jonathan Beck

2017-02-02T11:29:56+00:00February 2nd, 2017|3D Start Point|

Today, we’re going to take a deeper dive into scanning, and in particular 3D scanning art, and on an initiative that is really trying to scan the whole world in reality. It’s pretty ambitious. We’ve got Jon Beck on the show. He’s Project Manager at MyMiniFactory for the Scan The World project. It is very cool. It is the idea that they’re going to scan sculptures around the world in hopes of 3D print art preservation and 3D scanned art preservation of course. Also, to really make these 3D scans available to people around the world to be able

Gold Liquid 3D Printer

2017-02-01T16:27:52+00:00February 1st, 2017|3D Start Point|

Liquid gold or gold 3D printing can forever change the industry of jewelry design. But are all jewelry designers going to need to go learn CAD? Or will that limit their artistic skills and creative process? Also, you’ve got to have the right printer for these types of designs or you’re not going to get the feedback you need. One solution is to align yourself with someone who can do the more technical side of things for you as you focus on the design side. Listen to the podcast here: Gold Liquid 3D Printer Hey, everyone. This is Tom and Tracy on the WTFFF