Be aware of cooperative networking structures and avoid getting sucked into the sales funnel

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In the 90’s we had lunch and learn networking, always trying to be productive. The 2000’s brought tightening budgets but a growth in personal crisis groups in the advent of 9/11. But this decade, cooperative networking has emerged as the must-have growth necessity of every entrepreneur. But has it really changed much over the past three decades or is it just the same message rebranded?

After a year and a half witnessing these groups at work from the inside as a speaker, mastermind leader and faculty member, as well as from the outside, I have seen a few dangerous patterns emerge. So, whether you are auditing a free local meet-up, joining a mastermind, or attending a full conference, you need to be cognizant of how these organizations work.

Be aware of these hidden dangers in cooperative networking before you get trapped in a wrong fit that drains instead of accelerates your business growth.

Danger in Like-Minded Groups

Oft repeated at many conferences – you are the net worth of the five people you associate with the most. Yet too often you flock to the group where you feel most at home: inventors with inventors or social good advocates with social good advocates. While support groups should be a part of your personal growth, confusing this type of group with being able to accelerate your business growth is dangerous.

You need a group that you aspire to

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