Imperative of doing it now!

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If anyone has ever tried to tell you freelancing is easy, it’s because they’ve never freelanced. When technology took off, it dragged many creative types along for the wild ride holding on for dear life. When the prospect of leaving regular day jobs for the freedom and excitement of “gigging” became a real possibility, a lot of people jumped ship, leaving their conventional jobs behind.

It was a glorious time of gigs as far as the eye could see. You want to write copy for a perfume company looking to expand its audience? That job is out there. You want to create blog posts anonymously for the design company you’ve been drooling over for the past year? Go for it! And then something happened. All at once it seemed like everyone realized the opportunity and the market became flooded with overqualified worker bees willing to do the work of a king for the pay of a peasant. The competition became incredibly fierce.

Giving up protection to gain freedom.

We are seeing that begin to level out now, because there is another aspect to freelancing a lot of people didn’t consider–or did consider and have now reconsidered. That is the aspect of protection. You see, when you work for a corporation, they can offer you paid medical leave, health benefits, overtime pay, unemployment benefits, and so on. There is an incredible level of protection freelancers automatically exempt themselves from the moment they walk out the corporate

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