Your ultimate holiday guide to finding meaningful gifts to make an impact long after your purchase.

When the holiday season arrives, I find myself attempting to balance somewhere between a) I want to spoil the heck out of the people I love, and b) I am tired of contributing to the massive consumerism each holiday and want to do something more meaningful. I think, as consumers, we are changing into more meaningful buyers who want more out of our purchases. And not just from the product itself, but from the business as well, and everything that process touches along the way.

So this year, my holiday gift guide for you is more intentional, focused on supporting small businesses who are innovating in bigger ways, specifically for people who also want to make an impact bigger than their purchase.

Impact + Support

To me, this is what the holidays are about, touching people’s lives, making a difference, spreading cheer and love, and showing support to the people who are meaningful, not only to us, but to the world we aim to build for our children. That’s why innovative small business brands are rocking my list this year… especially ones that still allow me to cyber-shop. Plus, a chance to give back means even more impact, so let’s dig in to this year’s ultimate impact holiday gift guide.

5 Gifts You Need On Your List

  1. Gracie Greene Handbags to stop human trafficking. When Cathy Zahn wanted to help combat human trafficking, she decided to create Gracie Greene handbags, in order to raise awareness and funds to combat human trafficking.  Each product carries an IMPACT statement telling the buyer how their purchase helps support the cause. The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally.

  2. The Legacy Letters is the gift to help slow down, reconnect, and share wisdom. It is easy to get caught up in our fast-paced, 24/7, technology-drenched society. This back-to-basics book reminds people how to slow down again, be in the moment, and remember what is really important in life. The Legacy Letters reads like a true-to-life story and is filled with timeless wisdom for the modern age. The format of this book makes it ideal for holiday reading as each story stands on its own and can be read in one sitting.

  3. A Big Life book and game to make meaningful interactions. A Big Life is a book/game combination that makes a great gift for those looking to reconnect with family and friends. Use it to engage in meaningful and fun dialogue this holiday season.

  4. Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs to spoil the pet-people in your life. This new cookbook for dogs, proving the healing power of whole foods, is a must have if you’ve got furry friends. This book is a meaningful and practical item that is also price-friendly.  Many pet owners like the idea of feeding their dogs a natural, whole foods diet, but aren’t sure how to tackle the logistics or cost, which makes this a must read.

  5. Kitchen Compost Pail by Gardenatomy to minimize food waste in our regular trash. The gift that keeps on giving…to the environment!  Food scraps make up about 1/3rd of what we throw away.  Instead of disposing as waste and increasing greenhouse gases in landfills, food scraps can be used as valuable farming resources to improve water retention, increase crop growth, and reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides.  In fact, a lot of municipalities offer curbside pickup of scraps so this pail makes separation clean and easy. If you’re looking for a gift that is unique and impactful it’s hard to beat this.

‘Tis the Season for All That Is Good

Make this holiday season count for more than consumerism and checkmarks on your buy list. Tap into local resources, businesses, entrepreneurs who are innovating, and most importantly: those who also wish to make an impact that lasts longer than the 10-seconds it takes to unwrap a gift.

Read the original INC article published on November 26, 2018.

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