The future of blockchain is shifting heavily into identity politics, and it’s import

When we talk about blockchain technology, for a lot of people, bitcoin is the first thought in their mind. That’s because bitcoin presented us with the first use-case application, where the value of the blockchain technology was evident. For many who became intrigued with blockchain and jumped into the choppy waters, they’ve followed the financial end of this market for a long time. The same was true for Katherine Noall, CEO of Sphere Identity, until she saw a huge gap – maybe the largest of them all – and decided to pivot.

Let’s Talk Identity

Sphere Identity aims to provide privacy, security and freedom for individuals and businesses across the globe, a seemingly impossible feat, until now. Without the streamlined technology blockchain is now offering, we’ve seen globalization is so many arenas, but not the ones where we stand to benefit the most. So Sphere focused on research and development, to start figuring out digital identity and distribution technology. They founded all of this development on three simple beliefs:

  1. Online forms are a thing of the past.

  2. Technology should be international and borderless.

  3. Individuals should be able to control and share their data and be rewarded for it.

Identity is the foundation for everything we do online and globally, whether it’s shopping, storing data, traveling, working, sharing data, and so on. And the fact that we have this jumbled array of exposed and specific data lingering in so many places is a big problem. Even worse, sometimes that data follows you, sometimes it sticks where it originally formulated; sometimes it’s accurate, and sometimes it absolutely is not.

Self Sovereign Identity

Read the original INC article published on July 1, 2019.

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