Accelerating industry success in 3D mediums – 3D, AI, AR & VR – requires the rework of education and incubation.

The gap, when it comes to tech/design skills and design intuition pertaining to Variable ‘X’ Reality Technologies: 3D Printing, 360 Video, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality is large. Worse than that, very few people are teaching these topics thoroughly enough to make a dent. I see this everyday in my own business, and it’s so great to see someone else recognize this gap. Not only is Taylor Freeman and Upload recognizing the gap, they have larger than life solutions to start filling that gap, to prepare others for the future of 3D mediums, VR, and the design elements that must go along with both.

Did I Mention the Large Gap?

When we first started in 3D design, it took us 9-months to come up with a design that I deemed ‘Instagram-able.’ It occurred to me that this path was difficult, even with low barrier to entry (we had access to the machines) and even with decades of prior 3D CAD design experience. I felt like I had to share that message with people via our WTFFF?! Podcast, because I didn’t want everyone to quit. Creators have to design for this giant gap. The growth in the industry, while still very young, hasn’t been met with enough creators and that is why the work Upload is doing, is so important.

VR/AR/3D and the possibilities being revealed is transforming the way we learn, interact, and understand the world around us. At Upload, they’ve built everything on their 3 pillars: Connection, Experience and Inspiration, with the idea that these pillars will work to accelerate the success of the AR & VR industries.

The University of the Future

Taylor’s vision for the future is work that is blended with learning as we begin to merge with the technologies and realities opening up to us.  With XR (Variable ‘X’ Reality), Taylor is proving that these concepts are here to stay. There is already integration of these tools available through apps from companies like Ikea and Amazon. In the Ikea app, you can scan your room, and then place furniture and decorations, and Amazon just integrated similar features into their app as well.

The Future Is Here, and We Aren’t Ready

The curriculum at Upload is designed to bring immersive technology to life in a way that creates a positive impact, to help people create a common framework so the real work can begin. Without this framework, or people working towards filling this gap, our growth in this knowledge and market will be stunted.

Are you the Virtual Reality or AI Designer the future is seeking?

When we begin to understand more about the possibilities and opportunities in front of us,we will also begin to understand the pivot necessary for relevance in future design. As our growth accelerates, expectations will accelerate, and failure to move with this change will lead to failure. In design, I am both excited and worried for the upcoming generations. Will this industry pivot together or smolder out, giving rise to a new industry? Are we, as designers, capable of making this jump into VR, AR, AI & 3D for the future of design?

Read the original INC article published on December 6, 2017.

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