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Branding Through Product Packaging with Apurva Batra

2021-02-22T15:27:06+00:00February 15th, 2019|Office Hours, Podcasts|

  Packaging is what breaks or makes a product. As entrepreneurs, we want our customers to be satisfied right from the get-go by making our mark on their impressions right from the packaging alone. Apurva Batra from FlexiblePouches imparts his expertise on that as he talks about branding through product packaging and the competitive business happening on the retail shelves. He also takes us on a different journey with his personal business experience. Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: --- We've got one of our new experts on the platform, Apurva Batra from FlexiblePouches. He's been on once before. Tracy had him on and they had a good general session to get you acquainted with our new expert here. He's going to take us on a little different journey talking about a few things from his personal business experience, not only about packaging, which is [...]

Celebrity Product Placement Process That Actually Works with Sarah Shaw

2021-02-22T15:35:53+00:00February 1st, 2019|Office Hours, Podcasts|

  The marketplace has indeed evolved, but one thing that remains the same is the influence. We all know the power of having celebrities to be your product endorser due to their wide influence in the market. This is what led Sarah Shaw to craft this trend of endorsement and marketing into a new mold. Sarah talks about the Celebrity Product Placement Process which actually works for more and more entrepreneurs. Discover how you can scale your business by getting celebrity access for your products. You may get these influencers to use your product, be photographed with it, and get them to talk about it. You'll never know when one of these famous faces can eventually make a huge difference in your bank account. Listen to the podcast here: --- I have an interesting guest to bring you. I have Sarah Shaw. She's an entrepreneur, designer, and CEO [...]

How to Register as an Expert

2017-12-06T21:29:47+00:00December 6th, 2017|Site Resources|

Go to the registration link emailed to you from the site administrator. Fill out your registration information Wait for your approval email. Log in and fill out your profile. Schedule your first office hour! See the video below for step by step instructions.

How Sugar 3D Printing Can Sweeten Main Street Profits One Cake at a Time

2016-02-12T02:27:41+00:00February 12th, 2016|Brand It, Free Articles, INC Articles, Promote It, Prototype It|

Foodies are as passionate as techies. Mix the two at CES 2016 and you get a revolutionary new business model recipe for creating profits through 3D Printing. The 3D Systems Culinary Lab, formerly known as Sugar Lab demonstrates ways 3D Printing brings Main Street restaurants and bakeries a more creative and profitable  business model. They are concocting a recipe for how 3D Printing can bring relevance back to Main Street businesses. As co-host of the WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast, I struggle with clear examples of why I am so bullish on 3D Printing being not just an industrial revolution, but a Main Street one. 3D Printed food is the perfect example thanks to the many food and bakery shows on TV today. The amount of decorating skill and effort put into a cake by Duff Goldman, or the Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, is worth its weight in flour. So, how can [...]

Patent Your Way to Market Success

2013-02-07T16:00:58+00:00February 7th, 2013|Brand It, Free Articles, Inventors, Produce It, Promote It, Protect It, Prototype It, Prove It, Retail & Big Box, Sourcing|

In the U.S., importers and trading companies are employing Intentional Invention patent strategies to hold their market position against direct source alternatives and combat parity issues at retail. By patenting designs and functions, they are free to source the product from any manufacturer they choose. They can also protect their position with retailers so that an item cannot be second sourced or bid out. As a manufacturer, clear business goals that include a patent strategy can be a competitive advantage for selling to the U.S. market. The more complex issue is deciding what to patent, how to develop the patent, and in which country or countries to apply for that patent to maximize those business benefits. Patent Due Diligence When designing and manufacturing products for the U.S. market, patent due diligence is a critical requirement.  Even if you are not interested in using patents as a competitive business [...]

Hazz Design 2012 Year in Review

2013-01-19T03:52:31+00:00January 19th, 2013|Brand It, Free Articles, Inventors, Produce It, Promote It, Protect It, Prototype It, Prove It, Retail & Big Box, Sourcing|

    HAZZ DESIGN IN THE NEWS Orange County Register - December 21, 2012 Expert Couple on How to Shop, What to Buy RISDxyz - Fall/Winter 2012  24/7 Partnership Furniture World - Sept. 2012 - Dec. 2012 Furniture Materials Crash Courses: Part 1-5 Furniture Today | Home World Business | HFN - June 2012 - Aug. 2012 Articles on Genderblend™ Design Process Home World Business - March 19, 2012 Hazz Design Sees Growth in Women's Office Furniture Segment Reprinted/republished with permission of HomeWorld Business and ICD Publications  Home World Business - February 20, 2012 Las Vegas Market's RTA Vendors Report 'Quality Buyer' Attendance           TRACY & TOM'S    TOP MOMENTS OF 2012         COLLABORATING with the Martha Stewart Home Office™ team on the Chase Task Chair. CONSULTING during 10 productive trips to China - (read about our travel secrets). TEACHING at Las Vegas Furniture Market - [...]

Favorite Apps

2011-11-04T05:45:24+00:00November 4th, 2011|Brand It, Free Articles, Inventors, Promote It, Protect It, Prototype It, Prove It, Retail & Big Box|

As product designers and working parents, we are always searching for ways to make our job and life more organized. Here are some of our favorite apps: Skype - Free! Great to have breakfast with the baby while getting ready for bed in China. JuneCloud Deliveries - Free! So easy to track on any device whether or not our samples arrive as planned. Sunyu Mobile Patent Search - Free! Leave it to the Chinese to search our own US Patent and Trademark Office Database better. This is more comprehensive and complete than using the PTO's own search engine and even includes the ability to search intellectual property worldwide. With patent strategy such a significant part of our design process, we use this all the time. No need to spend money on a patent attorney for initial research. Plex - Free! We no longer have any DVDs, everything is [...]

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