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Thank you for your interest in Hazz Design Consulting.

Because assessing strategic compatibility is just as important as vetting expertise and client satisfaction when choosing a product design consulting firm to grow your company, Tracy and Tom prefer direct personal interaction whenever possible, so they do either in-person or Skype interviews. However, the preferred method of first contact is via email at When making an inquiry, make sure to communicate information on your company, website, category or product as well. Please keep in mind that this web site is only a small subset of Tracy & Tom’s portfolio and design consulting client list because their most recent work is confidential. If you are looking for expertise in a specific product category or manufacturing technique, please mention that in your contact request.

If you are inquiring about scheduling Tracy & Tom as guest speakers for an event or trade show or to have them conduct their one-day workshops and training sessions for product management team-building and tactical launch planning, make sure to indicate your timing and area of interest.

Hazz Design receives many consulting inquiries each week, but only take on a few right-fit clients for brand-building comprehensive product design & development services. If this fits your stage of business, then please send us an emailIf you are an Inventor, Private Labeler, Entrepreneur or Founder of a start-up venture and not yet ready to commit the resources needed to develop original product, their private coaching services might be the perfect fit for you or use the button below to get coaching services by the hour by booking a strategy session. 

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