How one tech disruptor is changing the luxury items game with exciting innovations.

Self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and tech disruptor Pamela Norton put together a handful of innovative tech things most people know nothing about, to build a business prepped for the modern world of luxury coupled with crypto, nano, and securitization. Before I profile her unique launch, let’s take a quick walk down memory lane.

Jump Back 10 (or 30) Years

There’s a reason cryptocurrency and the blockchain is catching so much attention now. Point blank, that reason is trust… or a lack thereof. Curious and brave types have been dabbling in encryption and crypto potentials since the 1980’s. Bitcoin has actually been around since 2009, so it didn’t just pop on the scene, and today, there are over 1,600 cryptocurrencies out there.  And if entrepreneurs have learned anything from then until now it’s that funding is a huge hurdle, and partnering with funds you can trust isn’t guaranteed.

Checks + Balances + Control

This lack of trust has created an absolute gap in the marketplace. Usually the gaps we see are more product geared and less financial, but this time it’s different. This time, this gap, has everything to do with the missing connection between security, transparency, and financial sustainability. That’s why Pamela Norton’s business is so unusual. is a secure supply-chain platform that makes it easy to inventory and authenticate high-value, mission critical assets with unique, tamper-proof signatures. The short of it: they protect physical assets using blockchain and nanotechnology.

Criminals Are Getting Smarter

If there’s something good to steal, you can bet someone out there is trying to steal it. In the case of luxury items and funds, it’s usually a lot of thieves. According to Norton and Borsetta, counterfeit is the largest criminal enterprise in the world- $1.7 Trillion and growing to $4.2 Trillion by 2022. Security and protection are huge concerns, and it isn’t only big businesses who are looking to protect their assets.

Smart Contracts, Securitization & Luxury Items

A patented decentralized security protocol to protect, secure, tokenize, and transact physical assets is a solution that includes nanotechnology, hardware, software, a patented protocol layer and even a developer toolkit. The Borsetta platform can also connect with Ethereum, Hyperledger, Hedera, and other blockchain solutions while supporting QR, RFID, and other third-party applications and unique signatures.

What’s Jewelry Got To Do With It?

Luxury, eco-conscious jewelry and lab cultivated diamonds got Norton questioning why there wasn’t transparency in the market that dominates around $30 billion in profits every year. When she entered the business, she was shocked at all the holes, gaps, and lack of transparency in such a massive market. She found herself wondering how she could connect the physical assets to the digital titles on the blockchain? How could she  validate these luxury or high value items? How could she protect them? And how could she put our assets to work for us? How could she revolutionize the value in our lives?

These Are Smart, But So Are You

Don’t let the terms fool you. These are just smart technologies, allowing transactions to take place that protect everyone involved, from start to finish. The marketplace now allows for too much corruption, counterfeits, theft, rip-offs, dishonesty, and unsustainable methods. Norton wants to be part of the movement to minimize those things, to give the value to the creators, to protect assets, and to ensure transparency.

Get On Board

As we wait around for the blockchain technology to take off, and the digital infrastructure to show up, we can dream about a future full of protection, securitization, smart contracts, and the real-life applications just over the horizon. The next industrial revolution is upon us, and we must adopt to adapt, or be left behind.

Read the original INC article published on November 28, 2018.

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