Getting into Big Box Retail Faster

Timothy Bush2021-02-22T17:23:30+00:00July 17th, 2018|Office Hours, On The Shelf, Podcasts|

If you have a product, or are thinking of going into retail, your number one concern might probably be the length of time it takes to get your product to sell. At the end of the discussion, our resident Office Hours Expert Timothy Bush answers that number one question product launchers ask. He will not give you false hopes, but instead enlighten you with his full transparency on what it truly takes to get your products into big box retail. He dives into core sales and marketing information to consider and prepare for, which will mean the difference between product launch success and failure. Get in touch with Tim by sending your questions about product retail sales. Watch the Episode Here: Listen to the podcast here: [smart_track_player url="" title="Getting into Big Box Retail Faster" image="" ] --- Tim Bush here from TLB Consulting. This is my first solo [...]

Asset Building Product Design – Tracy Hazzard Live at The Prosper Show

Tracy Hazzard2021-02-23T13:40:51+00:00May 4th, 2018|Brand It, Capital Funding, e-Commerce, Inventors, Licensing, Logistics, Office Hours, On The Shelf, Packaging, Podcasts, Private Label, Produce It, Promote It, Protect It, Prototype It, Prove It, Retail & Big Box, Sourcing|

In the consumer retail market where 7 out of 10 consumer product launches fail and less than 2% of inventors ever make any money, the odds are stacked against you. But with some Product Launch Hazzard protection tips and Success By Design tactics, you can reduce risk and defy the odds as you go from Product Idea to Big Brand to Sold. Tracy Hazzard, Product Launch Expert in the Product Launch Hazzards membership community, dives deep into a proven formula that helps optimize processes and maximize your resources so you can out-source, out-design, and out-profit your competitors. It has been applied to virtually all types of consumer product categories, and mastering its fundamentals is the first step to retail sales success. These solutions were firmed up from years of practical experience in working with big and small brands. Watch the Episode Here: Listen to the podcast here: [smart_track_player url="" title="Asset Building Product Design" [...]

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