Part 2 of 3  – impressions of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There are always some cool gadgets at CES and this year we are coveting some tech tools that might never see the cool white light of retail shelving.

32923868 – modern computer gadgets

Victorinox has reinvented its classic quality pocket knife as a line of flash drives. These flash drives are very handy and beautiful objects, plus they are not going to get taken away by TSA.

Parrot‘s display was a show stopper – at least for Tom and many, many others – two battery-operated remote control helicopters fairly large in size were “dancing” in a large cage to beat of blaring music. Can’t remember what their products were, but the copters would make a fun gift.

Along those same fun gift lines, Xybotyx debuted small affordable robots that can be controlled by iPhone or iPod Touch. Unfortunately their booth was overrun by massive crowds trying to get to Tosy where Justin Bieber was hired to promote their new robots. We skipped the crowd because we do not have Bieber Fever in our house (one daughter too old, the other too young.)

Fūl introduced a teen-friendly backpack called the Powerbag (the name could use some youthful fun) that contained a built-in battery to recharge electronic devices on the go. Teenager is synonymous with power hungry heavy device user in our experience, so this might have traction if it looks cool enough. Product might be even better if it alarms teens until it gets plugged into charge; “I forgot to plug in my phone” will no longer be an excuse.

Amid the cool gadgets were quite a lot of Key Misses as well – see Part 3 or go back to Part 1 overall Impressions.

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