As furniture and product designers, we attend the Consumer Electronics Show to keep on top of changes in technology that affect our future home office designs. Over the course of the next 3 blogs, we will give our general impressions of CES, cool gadgets and key misses. Here is part 1 of 3.

CES Impressions:

CEA says this was the most attended in recent years and there was no shortage of exhibitors and visitors and although it seemed like the economy is being strengthened, we did not get the impression that there was a lot new and worth spending more than a day visiting.

Tons of small business were promoting “the gadget” everyone will want, but the most abundant were the Smart Phone case companies. It amazes us that they think of these products as unique – they are really fashion to us. For many this show will be hit or miss – maybe worth the exhibit fees, maybe not. Tough business and glad we are not in this area any more with ttools.

As for furniture, not a lot new at all – massage chairs on steroids and gaming chairs that provide virtual reality experiences. Sanus and Whalen Furniture were showing integrated mounts for devices in their TV stands. Wires were managed impressively on some of these as well. Sanus also showed quick assembly with no tools.

As for cool gadgets, there were some of those…continued in Part 2 and the Key Misses are continued in Part 3.

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