Part 3 of 3: Consumer electronics exhibitors at the 2012 CES Show had many misses by the mere fact that so many didn’t stand out and leave an impression.

Flat Screen TVs – getting thinner, larger and brighter. Products are more interactive and connected to the internet. With consumers wanting the flattest, largest TV they can afford, why are all these mid to low end TV manufacturers one-upping each other with minor technical differences the average consumer can’t see but increases the retail price they pay. Where is the user-focused innovation? How about some guaranteed longevity? We are on our second repair to a TV less than 5 years old. That would be worth a second look.

Tablets – everyone has one and everyone now seems to be making one. iPad was first so it stands out, but all the others are a blur of tiny differences. This becomes again about price and operating system loyalty.

Smart Phones – nothing new here either. It always seems like there are too many to choose from, but every time Tracy upgrades her phone she can’t find what she wants and settles – maybe phone manufacturers need to talk to some more women consumers or hire us to GenderBlend™ their offering.

Furniture – as we mentioned in our cool gadgets, not a lot new here but we saw a lot of tech to power, wires to contain and devices to store. Lots of opportunity for good design.

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About Hazz Design: Graduates of Rhode Island School of Design, Tracy and Tom have been working and designing together for most of their two- decade marriage. Their shared vision that good design should never cost more, that there is always a solution, and that one- plus-one can have an exponential result has earned them career expanding projects, multiple design awards, more than two dozen patents, two children and a finely tuned relationship.
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