The fastest way to erase the biggest barrier to your business bottom line growth and switch your brain to sell.

There is no doubt that being able to sell is essential to every startup. Whether you are a creative entrepreneur or not, you have to be able to make the sale. The issue with this is… well there are several. So we are going to discuss those issues, and the solution you need, with an internationally known expert and bestselling author.

Dr. Jerry V.Teplitz, expert and author on brain performance, understands the importance of the bottom line, and also how we tend to affect that bottom line in ways we don’t always realize. His offerings connect the brain processes with the most common setbacks to help you:

  • Rewire your brain
  • Increase your bottom line

Setting A Baseline For What Success Means

The goal with rewiring your brain is that you become an effective and successful start-up entrepreneur. Success means you put sales first, you are organized and focused, and that you are not self-sabotaging your own growth. That last point, on self-sabotage, is one of the biggest business killers I see. Getting to a ‘yes’ is scarier than getting a ‘no’ for so many entrepreneurs and so they block themselves from being successful.

That baseline for success goes deeper than a creative skill-set. When we aren’t seeing the success we want, we tend to either 1) try to learn new sales techniques or 2) hit up a few networking ​events, or 3) totally put off tasks because we are afraid of failing. What we should actually be doing is going to a deeper level, the root cause of why our success is being blocked: the brain.

“I am comfortable asking for and getting the sale.”

In his seminars, Jerry tracks where each participant is before and after the seminar. When Jerry took his one-day seminar to a group who trains homeless people to be entrepreneurs, the results they saw were amazing.

As part of the seminar, each participant fills out a survey responding to the following statement. ‘I am an effective and successful startup entrepreneur.’ Keep in mind that, in this particular case, these were homeless people. At the beginning, every single participant responded on the negative side of this: 100% said they strongly disagreed with this statement. Upon completion of the one-day seminar, the responses were much different. 80% said they strongly agreed, and 20% said they agreed.

Switched On vs. Switched Off

The most common blocks entrepreneurs experience and probably don’t even think of as blocks come through disguised as procrastination, avoidance, fear, and a wide array of other emotions. Getting a yes is so scary for many and a mind block within itself. This self-sabotaging belief system has actually myelinated and solidified your brain neuron pathways, and they need to be rewired to be new and circumvent the old.

No amount of new sales techniques or networking events can fix this. You have to go to the source. This is what Jerry calls being “switched on” by opening lines of communication between your left and right brain hemispheres, allowing you become a high-functioning performer.

Jerry explained, “If a prospect yells at you on the phone, you might find a file in the amygdala that is labeled ‘When I was a 6 year old, I was yelled at when I picked up the phone.’ This file causes the adrenal glands to be triggered and you are not responding as an adult, but as if you were still 6 years old. What rewiring your brain does is to delete these files that are stopping you from being a successful salesperson. You are literally training your brain to give you a completely unique way to become a successful salesperson.”

If you have blocks, you will sabotage your own attempts without even realizing it. Or maybe you are realizing it, and wondering ‘why in the world did I do that?’ Wonder no more, it’s time to rewire instead, because this is the easiest and fastest way to improve your success ratio.


Read the original INC article published on September 29, 2017.

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