Over the years, both Tom and I have received wise business tips and advice from my Dad, Gene Davio. I thought I would convey some of them to you from time to time, but seeing that he is now retired, I am sure he will be calling to ask for royalties on this and all future posts, so these might be the only three tips…

Davio’s Business Tips:

1) Pack Light – If you can’t carry it, don’t pack it. Don’t check a bag unless you absolutely have to because it limits your flexibility when travel issues arise. I am never that woman with a bag bigger than she is, typically packing lighter than most men.

2) Take Hostages – Create a captive audience, eager to settle. Important negotiations should always take place on your home field, on a Friday, ideally before a holiday weekend. Serve plenty of coffee, soda and water but make the bathroom breaks infrequent or non-existent late in the day. You will get your way, think of it like negotiation chicken.

3) Three Things – Recap all meetings and organize all presentations into three things, even if it is really four, squeeze it into three things. People can’t remember more.

Pack Light, Take Hostages and Three Things. Tips that work.


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