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By Accelerating Business Growth Through Tactical Product Design & Development

The Hazz Design Difference

At Hazz Design Consulting, having design expertise means that Tom & Tracy Hazzard know what products and colors sell. They know exactly what to make & what product strategy works. They know what women want to buy. They never guess. They tactically study your product category, competition and all analogous products and markets – in-store and on-line – creating Success by Design.

When you engage Hazz Design, you get Tracy & Tom Hazzard and their 99,000+ hours of retail product development and design expertise. They do all the creative work and embed themselves in your company, its growth strategy and your brand promise. That means Hazz Design is NOT an agency and there is no farming out to junior designers. The process is designed to make your product sales scale quickly and Tom & Tracy’s 25 years of experience insulates you from development due diligence errors.

Design Expertise for Innovation Training

Tom & Tracy are always willing to lend their design expertise to organizations to help turnaround product performance, build product management skills or tactical launch plans through in-depth one-day workshops and training sessions. However, they only engage exclusively with companies, entrepreneurs and inventors willing to make a full commitment to the time and resources it takes to insure success by design. Tracy & Tom know from developing over 250 retail products that success must be directed from design definition to delivery. While interesting project work is always considered, a ‘brainstorm to box’ Hazz Design engagement lasts a minimum of one year for one-time product line launches and rehabs; OR two to three years for building product line success and in-house processes and support resources at the same time.

Hazz Design Services

Getting the right Market-Product Fit is the critical factor in guiding your product launch to success. Through a detailed study of competitive details, we assess market viability, pricing and special features and turn it into product development or sourcing criteria.
FOR ENTERPRISE LEVEL COMPANIES: Want to see and know how your products really stack up? The Hazz Design proprietary competitive product market research system creates a detailed war room level study of your products against the market season over season, detailing the right opportunities for your company. By cutting your line down to right fit size, you can lower operational and inventory costs creating an immediate profit boost. By cleaning up the remaining line to be a better fit with the current market needs, you can boost revenue while we take the time necessary to create just the right products for significant market growth.
Designing for maximum impact requires time and budget. Impactful design works, looks good and speaks to your audience for you. The design does the content marketing for you. Hazz Design provides full design services including everything you need from ideation through design, prototyping, development, and pre-production to get your product to attract attention on-line or on-the-shelf.
Developing a new product is costly so you can’t afford to make mistakes. Finding the right sources and then diligently building relationships through a trust but verify system to watch the process for potential problems before they become costly issues is a significant part of Hazz Design’s success by design. We source, quote, negotiate, handle PO processing, provide production updates and on-site quality control and assurance with a team we have used for almost a decade.
Product Patent Fortress: through an intentional invention process, we evaluate products and patents (potential or existing) for viability, ROI, competitive advantage and to assess risks. This service has been proven to save tens of thousands of dollars in patent and legal fees for products that will never be commercially viable. We show you the weak points that might become work-arounds for competitors and give you a strategy for protecting your investment and commanding a higher multiplier upon licensing or acquisition.
Hazz Design is the only 3D Design firm to create exclusive premium On Demand Digital Print files and products that are tested and proven to pass all safety and quality regulations for consumer retail and be items consumers actually want to buy. Additionally, Hazz Design can evaluate your current business practices and advise ways to reduce costs and increase speed to market by using the best 3D Printing methods and materials for your market or evaluate how 3D Printing might disrupt your industry and build a plan for implementation.
Hazz Design Vetted in The Clear Directory
Tom & Tracy Hazzard operate in full transparency, have been thoroughly vetted by Avent-Guard and are listed in the Clear Directory so you can make an educated decision about who you engage for services or invite as an expert guest.

Hazz Design receives many consulting inquiries per month, but only take on a select few clients who need brand-building comprehensive product design & development services and are willing to commit to the process. If this fits your stage of business, then please go to By Appointment for more details. If you are an Inventor, Entrepreneur or Founder of a start-up venture and not yet ready or able to fully commit the resources, their strategy coaching services might be the perfect fit for you.