As product designers and working parents, we are always searching for ways to make our job and life more organized. Here are some of our favorite apps:

SkypeFree! Great to have breakfast with the baby while getting ready for bed in China.

JuneCloud DeliveriesFree! So easy to track on any device whether or not our samples arrive as planned.

Sunyu Mobile Patent Search Free! Leave it to the Chinese to search our own US Patent and Trademark Office Database better. This is more comprehensive and complete than using the PTO’s own search engine and even includes the ability to search intellectual property worldwide. With patent strategy such a significant part of our design process, we use this all the time. No need to spend money on a patent attorney for initial research.

PlexFree! We no longer have any DVDs, everything is downloaded onto our family entertainment server, then organized and accessed by Plex. Not a great interface on the computer because it is keyboard based, but it is free and automatically captures IMDB information and posters. The smartphone and iPad apps are even better.

SlingPlayer for Slingbox – $30 for the App, $179-$349 for the Box – Tom never has to miss the Red Sox while he is on the road, only thing is that I better not delete the game on my end!

I-nigmaFree! Not all QR Readers are created equal. Some are too associated with the retailer or company offering the download. This one is general and is the most accurate for the most current and more complex QR codes. Test out the Hazz Design QR Code from our business card and see if it works.

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