Customization is making a comeback from this unlikely logistics source and giving Amazon some competition.

When we talk about bespoke or custom tailored brands, we are generally talking about fashion, luxury travel, or other extremely dialed in experiences. Sit down, mark your calendar, and take a deep breath- because what we’re going to talk about next is something we’ve never really talked about before… and that is bespoke ecommerce interfacing, logistics, warehousing, and customer service on a global scale.

Lessons in Business 101

Belgian Post Group, also known as bpost, is Belgium’s leading postal operator, and the masterminds behind the bespoke story of Radial. Applying deep foresight to an aligned vision of where logistics and business were headed, bpost took action, bulking up their offerings and operations, to stay relevant and offer more of what their clients needed.

Amazon’s Biggest Competitor

Radial, formerly known as eBay Enterprise, was acquired for $820 million in 2017, a move Tim Hinckley, Chief Commercial Officer of Radial, called genius. Why? Because when it comes to fulfillment in the United States, Radial is Amazon’s largest competitor. Not Walmart or the myriad other drop-ship capable, logistics, or ecommerce giants- but Radial. Their logistics services account for about 20% of all ecommerce orders flowing between the EU and the US, which is huge… especially for a business I bet you’ve never even heard of.

Behemoth Bespoke?

Read the original INC article published on June 13, 2019.

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