Whenever I talk about hiring experts, I always think of Napoleon Hill‘s Think and Grow Rich story about a man who was ‘3 Feet From Gold.’ After an initial find of gold ore, the man covered it up, returned home, raised money, bought equipment and went back to dig. He found some more but then the gold stopped. He kept on digging but eventually gave up in frustration and sold everything to a junk man. The junk man consulted a mining expert and found out that gold runs in a vein. They simply turned three feet and dug up millions. Perseverance to not give up would not have been the point of this story if the miner had just reached out for an expert. Your mindset can be blocking your from seeing the need for an expert.

Once you get over the mindset block and recognize that you can’t and shouldn’t do everything yourself, hiring the right resource at the right time means making sure that you are prepared in your business. You need to know where you are going, how fast you want to get there and why you are hiring. My Hazzard Rules for Hiring Experts are the key areas to look at hiring out:

Anything that is not critical to your core competence and skill set Anything that you will only need to learn and use once Anything that has high risk of failure, high cost; or where a mistake could cause significant delays Anything that you spend too much time on  The

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