Now is the time to embrace blockchain technology, get on the Block-com super highway and create a better value proposition for entrepreneurs and creatives.

The internet superhighway created ways that we could think bigger, create bigger, connect bigger… but now, there’s so much chaos and noise, people are tired of it. Trying to figure out what’s real and what isn’t when the expert marketers out there can sell heat to fire, is a task plenty don’t want to take on anymore. Now, we are moving into a more clean, more efficient, more authentic era. This fourth Industrial Revolution is the time for trust, transparency, and authentic connections.

Dot-com to Block-com

Blockchain is the transition from the dot-com era into a more authentic and transparent ecosystem. Tippetts refers to this new era we are entering as block-com, and that seems right-fit. It is due time creatives, designers, and entrepreneurs have value restored with a transparent ledger that shows everything. For example, my podcast network is successful, but I literally have to hard pitch sponsors even though I consistently have 100,000 listeners a month. Realistically, they should be able to look at that and say, “We want in!” Seeing the usability and the benefits to my own business as this blockchain technology takes off is what I want every inventive entrepreneur, so they can take ownership of what is rightfully theirs and reap the benefits.

Leveraging Digital Assets

Speaking of benefits, let’s talk about how you can leverage or launch your digital assets, and put those to work for you. A lot of what we build into our businesses now almost feels like baggage, but what if there was a better way? Eric Tippetts, co-founder of NASGO, is offering this through his decentralized application (daPP) platform on the blockchain, and so much more. Tippetts is working day in and day out to simplify a technology that plenty, even in tech, are backing away from, because they have no idea what it is, and more importantly, what the possibilities are.

Vision for the Future

I was on the cutting edge of the internet back in the 90’s, and I look back on that often, thinking about how that launched me ahead of my competitors, and today my approach to innovation is very similar. My businesses remain more advanced because I embrace and explore the future rather than resisting it. I sense this in Tippetts as well, because his excitement for creating this transparent and revolutionary future that is very human-centric with a focus on doing things in a way that matters. Right now, with blockchain technology, we are sitting where we were in the 90’s with the internet. And these early technology engineers are building the beginnings of systems we will use to rebuild our next era.

Let’s Talk Usability

For the past six months, I have been in the midst of curious spiral of questions, wondering, how I could create a blockchain? Let’s say I wanted to create a blockchain for my podcast network. How can I offer podcasters the opportunity to have advertisers who don’t have to trust that you say you have qualified fans you have? Not just that, what if it also facilitates payment so that a big brand can write a $10,000 check and it gets distributed in any small amount to all the podcasters who have promoted them in that process? That sounds like something I would like to build into my platform. How can I go about doing it? How hard is it to figure that out? How am I going to build that? Who’s going to help me? What’s going to happen? Who do I need to know? Who can I trust?

The Answers Exist… Somewhere

So, those are exactly the types of questions I am now looking for answers to and will continue to  explore the innovation and investment sides of what blockchain can do for your company and how you can accomplish these things, to start participating in this new trust economy, where transparency reigns supreme. I know that blockchain has the potential to restore value to creatives like musicians, podcasters, designers, and artists, and I want to be a part of that, and I know Tippetts does too, which paints a pretty bright picture for the future of entrepreneurship and innovation on the blockchain.

Read the original INC article published on January 21, 2018.

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