Office Design that Boosts the Bottom Line

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As an entrepreneur, there are so many aspects to the success of your company that you must consider if you want to compete with the top performers. At the end of the day, when all the emails are sent, the meetings are closed, the bids are in, and the lights are out, you probably aren’t thinking about which color paint might look best in your new digs. But you should. The success of your company and the productivity of your employees are directly tied to the design of your workspace. So I sat down with Kenneth Baker, of Gensler, a design firm that really gets the connection, to find out the nitty-gritty details on what office design has to do with the bottom line.

It All Starts With a Strategy

Design as a standalone, is not the only contributor to growth in a workspace, of course. As Kenneth puts it, “You have to start with a strategy, and design every aspect of the workspace around that strategy. It’s more than just paint and furniture. You have to provide your employees with what they need to do their jobs, really well.” So your strategy is the foundation of the design, and from there, every paint color, every chair, every desk, and every dedicated space lends to the realization of that strategy.

The impact your office design can have on the productivity, the culture, and even the perception of every single potential client or partner

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