Coffee is not all beans and brew. The secret to sales success came right from demand for a single cup.

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. The risk is tremendous, but the reward is whatever you can imagine… that is, if you can make it. A lot of businesses don’t, and I think one of those reasons is that there is a lot of gray area. That’s why I love this column. It’s a way for me to share actual business lessons that I’ve lived through, to connect with entrepreneurs who are in it to win it. There are so many things you just don’t know, until you know it because you’ve learned the hard way. But we don’t all have to learn the hard way, and that’s why sharing is where it’s at.

Sticking with our recent articles on Amazon private label selling and market traction, I thought I would talk with an actual million dollar private label brand, who is finding success, through methods like developing original products, and share that with you.I talked with Raj Jana, the Founder of JavaPresse Coffee Company, who is building a brand that creates meaningful products and experiences that help people make the most of the moments they love, which starts with the ritual of making and drinking one perfect cup of coffee every single day.

Your company has a very clear purpose/mission . How has this helped you find your core audience and stay “on brand” with what you deliver?

“I think more than anything, our mission statement has united our team to deliver messages, products, and designs with an air of consistency. Our core values are built around a desire to help customers stay grounded and the energy we put out to achieve our mission returns itself 10x with the right customers who are passionate and excited to be a part of our family.”

How do you approach improvements to your products and additions to your product line? Do you look to competitors or within first? Why?

“When we were first starting out, I paid very close attention to what our target customers wanted, which included paying attention to every product and competitor on the market. By making a strong effort to understand who was out there and what their customers wanted, we were able to deliver products that were popular very quickly. And now that we’ve attained a bit of success, I still keep a very close eye on market trends and competitors, but no one has a bigger voice than our customers.”

Anything Else?

“I trust our ability to know what our customers want as we engage with them on a daily basis. By studying reviews, collecting feedback, and making our customers a part of the product improvement/selection process, we are able to continuously deliver value in a way that makes all parties feel good. We deliver products that have demand and fix a problem in the market, and customers feel more connected to the product since they’ve essentially had a hand in creating it.”

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That

There you have it, right from the source. Coffee, as with any other business or brand, is about more than the coffee. There is so much involved from the moment you start, which means more and more ways to get it wrong. That’s why interviews like this are so important and meaningful. So we can talk, connect, and share what it is that makes our businesses thrive… with the hopes of inspiring one another with new knowledge and wisdom to be applied.


Read the original INC article published on March 15, 2017.

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