Many product and furniture importers subscribe to large amounts of market research data to bolster their credibility and validate to retailers that their products fit the U.S. market. As both industrial designers and product researchers, we have found that finding demographics data set justification for your features or product is easy, but is no guarantee that it will sell. A better gauge for sales success is competitive context and year-over-year trends of what is available in the market.

The largest supplier in any product category is at an advantage because they have significant historical sales data on what sells and doesn’t sell. That is one significant reason that it is so difficult to unseat them. At Hazz Design, we have developed an edge for the little guy – the new market entrant or the factory that wants to sell U.S. retail direct – monitoring in-store U.S. retail product assortments. For us, it takes spending at least a day every week in retail stores observing shoppers, researching what products make it to the shelf and cataloguing the product details. This is impossible to do if you do not have continual presence in the U.S. or don’t dedicate the resources and make the time to do it.

We have found that retailer buyers don’t have time to do this thoroughly or regularly; U.S. companies, especially the large ones, think their sales people should do this; and Asian factories have a gap in U.S. representation and in consumer understanding limiting their ability to do this as well. Utilizing our in-house proprietary database, we track trends quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year giving us an insider’s view into what was and was not successful, sourcing shifts, and, more importantly, taking the guesswork out of how to be competitive. Our process for tracking in-line retail products, generating reports, analyzing data, and conducting requested searches has proven key to 30+ retail placements of our designs in the last 3 years.

Covering assortments at Costco, Office Depot, Office Max, Sam’s Club, Staples, Target and Walmart, we conduct continual product market research showing the following trends and more:

  • Retailer Assortment Market Mix
  • Price Point Mix by Retailer
  • Price Changes by Retailer
  • Market Share by Type; Brand; Color; Material; and more
  • Manufacturer Market Share
  • Product Details – all items introduced; tested; & discontinued
  • Current Product Assortment by Retailer


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