Project Description

Retail & Industrial

3D Print Designers

Select Brands: WTFFF?!; 3D Start Point

Retailers: Amazon (coming soon)

3D Print Design: Steep Learning Curve

Design Hours
Print Hours
Int’l Award
3D Twist Tie Sketch | Hazz Design
3D Twist Tie Printing | Hazz Design
3D Print Designers | Hazz Design
Award-Winning 3D Print Design | Hazz Design
Prototype 3D Print Designers | Hazz Design

WTFFF?! are 3D Print Designers?

The Challenge

Tackle a new skill like 3D Print Design and understand what everyone is talking about as revolutionizing product manufacturing. In the process, add 3D Print Designers to skill sets and portfolio.

3D Start Point
WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast

The Solution

Tom & Tracy Hazzard not only were able to create 3D Print Designs that are award-winning, they help other do the same as well through their WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast on iTunes and their resource site 3D Start Point. They bring working knowledge, experts and resources together to help 3D Print designers and entrepreneurs be a successful part of the 3rd Industrial Revolution.