Project Description

Retail & Contract CMF

Color Materials Finishes

Research, Design & Development

Select Brands: Herman Miller,  Trading Spaces, Martha Stewart Whalen Furniture

Retailers: Costco, Staples, Home Depot

Herman Miller CMF | Tracy Hazzard

Best-Seller: Herman Miller CMF

Design Team
Months to Y1 Revenue
Herman Miller | Color Materials Finishes | Flip Quilt | Tracy & Tom Hazzard
Herringbone Leather Inset | Staples | Hazz Design
Pop Ottoman | Hazz Design
American Craft First Place | Tracy Hazzard
Trading Spaces | Home Depot


The Challenge

Product line complexity and costs were not in line with profitability. Certain color materials finishes were not selling in enough volume frequently enough to make it worth continuing to support stocking, but large clients had standardized on them and expected service. Challenged with cutting the color materials finishes SKU count down significantly without upsetting too many interior designers and clients.

Herman Miller Logo

The Solution

Through careful planning and redesign, the SKU count was reduced down from 600 to 300 SKUs, 80 of which were new bridge designs that helped clients move from the older, slow-moving styles. All materials were re-designed for mass customization and non-obsolescence – meaning they were engineered to be able to be discontinued but easily recreated from core components. The program was so well received that it achieved year one revenue in six months.