Project Description

Retail & Contract Office Chair Design

Research, Sourcing & Development

Select Brands: Whalen Furniture, Bayside Furnishings, Martha Stewart Home Office, Golden Oak

Retailers: Costco, Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, Sam’s Club

Costco Office Chair Design | Hazz Design

Platinum Record Best-Seller: Costco Metrex Mesh Office Chair

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Whalen Furniture | Urban Office Chair | Hazz Design
Costco Urban Executive | Hazz Design
Martha Stewart Chair Caster | Hazz Design
Steele Lounge | Hazz Design
Aubrey Leather Inset | Staples | Hazz Design


The Challenge

Buying an office chair at mass retail is a matter of selecting which black chair is the least offensive and uncomfortable. The challenge wasn’t getting consumers to buy something new, it was convincing retail buyers (and our clients) that anything but boring, basic black office chair design would actually sell. Through detailed in store year-over-year product research, trends were revealed that showed the preference shift away from black, convincing numbers-driven buyers to take a risk on a new office chair design.

The Solution

Breaking black was an easy solution, but in order to make sure the new alternative materials and warmer colors sold, covertly female features had to be added as well. Flip-up arms to help get closer to the desk; lumbar support that was adjustable or at a lower angle; and a low range on the seat height. The proof is in the sales – outperforming all other category chairs for three years straight – a platinum record for design.


It’s rare that a product lasts at retail more than a season. Tom & Tracy have a pulse on what sells and what sells well year after year.
Mike Mitchell - VP of Sales, Whalen Furniture
This chair is durable and has great support. Super comfortable. I ended up ordering three for our office…One problem we had in our office was that we couldn’t find a task chair that could raise up high enough. This one does. For the price you simply can’t beat it.
sabajames - San Diego, CA, Costco Member