Everything you need to know about why I got an app for my podcast, and why you should too.

At this point, in our modern business world, if you aren’t using technology to propel your business forward, you’re doing something wrong. Apps, for example, carry a huge amount of power if they’re done right. And while we’ve recognized the fact that everyone is doing everything on their cell, we haven’t quite laid out what it means to “do it right” when discussing apps, until now.

Why Does Building Your Own App Seem Obscure?

Part of the reason app advice has been somewhat obscure is because of the expertise required. Most business owners, who are at a place where they can afford to build an app (because it can also be incredibly expensive) aren’t tech magnates and so even identifying features or what they want can be difficult. But now, rather than 7 months to build, the timeline is closer to 14 days. And the cost isn’t tens of thousands of dollars, which opens the possibilities to a larger consumer base.

This is why I have been searching and seeking a more simplified app creation process for brandcasting: brand + podcasting. My process for research and development is always the same approach for product design and digital marketing. I research the heck out of whatever it may be, have a significant plan for it’s use, and try it on my own stuff first before sharing with clients (or with you). In this case I made the Feed Your Brand podcast a guinea pig. My Goal: to make a podcaster’s audience authority truly theirs and not being forced to give all the equity to an RSS Server, iTunes, or even Facebook. After two years of research, I finally found a solution and an expert worth talking about.

It Is Possible To ‘Own’ Your Audience

Efficiency, capabilities, opportunities for growth, and structure… this is the focus for Expert Influencer Manny Lopez, who is working hard to change the way people view/build/use apps. Manny’s process for any app matched my goal, to build it in such a way that there is a true authority within the app, allowing app owners to really own our audience, all while minimizing or eliminating distractions. What does it mean to ‘own’ your audience? It means you are building something substantial with them, connecting with them, becoming closer, organically, and on their own terms.

Manny helps create & enhance experts with unique lead generation & automation marketing strategies. When developing a self-branded app, he takes the time to first understand your business model, target market, and the challenges you’re facing. Once discovered, he’ll develop a way to automate your sales process and message of value into an app in the palm of your fans’ hand.

The Top 3 Things Manny Does That Set Him Apart

  1. Show Me Value – So people can really pinpoint exactly what they want, in a completely tangible and visual way. Manny physically shows people what their app options are, how the buttons can work, and making sense of something that might seem up in the clouds to most people.

  2. Education & Resources – Authority and expert influencers know and understand where the need is and create systems to fill those gaps, so their authority and advice is always there and available. Within those systems are resources and education designed specifically around helping the network thrive, do better, be more.

  3. Speaking Business Language NOT Tech Speak – Manny speaks benefits of business, and builds apps around those goals, speaking the language of his clients rather than code. He wants to help you with lead generation and automation, apps are just his route of getting you there, so you won’t find Manny speaking a language you don’t understand, he speaks business.

The Numbers Are So Surprising

97% of the traffic that hits your website takes no action. In addition, 87% of smartphone users prefer to do business via a mobile app, even over a mobile website. And here’s one more for you: Text offers are redeemed 8 times more than email offers. These numbers are astoundingly high, and prove what an opportunity apps present for you to constantly (and instantly) connect and interact via free text alerts, invites, book launches, etc.

Being the conversion-focused business woman I am, I just couldn’t ignore those numbers, and I loved what Manny was doing so much, I hired him to build an app for my business … check it out!


Read the original INC article published on September 26, 2017.

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