Meet Plotagraph: The animated photography tool that will turn your Instagram marketing upside down.

Getting your photo noticed in a sea of social media photos, is much like finding the needle in the haystack. There’s only so much you can do with the photo itself, to grab a viewers’ attention, and most of it may have already been done. We live in a media driven world. There is never a shortage of videos, photographs, and looping clips to keep us entertained and occupied. The average consumer sees thousands of images a day, which makes for some pretty stiff competition, if you’re sharing photos as a way to drive business.

Then, there’s always the option of video, and the perks of offering clips instead, except 80 percent of social media users are watching without audio, as they scroll right through and miss the message you worked so hard to convey.

The unanswered questions in marketing

Marketing is rapidly changing as we become immune to the endless still photographs and piles of videos. This leaves a lot of designers and entrepreneurs with a lot of questions. How do you raise awareness for your brand in a way that is personal and connects you with your audience? How do you grab their attention and hold it among the chaos? How do you stop potential consumers in their tracks, take their breath away, and tug at their heartstrings in the fraction of a second you have, before they move on? Plotagraph is the answer to all of these questions, and more.

What exactly is a Plotagraph?

Plotagraph Pro is a new cloud-based software that allows you to take a still photograph — any still photograph — and animate a section or sections of your photo simply and easily.

Let’s be honest: Old advertising and marketing tactics have been around the block one too many times, and companies are dying for something fresh and dynamic, something mesmerizing to engage their consumers in a way that’s never been done before. Sascha Scheider and Troy Plota (notice the name) recognized this gap and the potential in marketing, if they could create something brand new and exciting. Plotagraph is all that and more with one foot in both worlds — on one side the ancient video, and on the other side still photographs — and somehow neither compare.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a plotagraph must be worth 10,000.”

The software turns any still photograph into something you can’t seem to look away from, and you can share and distribute your content across multiple platforms, without missing a beat. The software is designed with a focus on tracking ROI along with analytics to watch and measure success and engagement as it happens. Which leaves me with one very important question: What didn’t they think of? It seems, after digging in with the Troy and Sascha, the answer to that question is simple: nothing.

Capture attention! Create shares! Expose your brand!

When Instagram rolled out their new feature Stories, 100 million of their users jumped on board and began using the feature, almost immediately. That number represents a third of their daily users, and a fifth of their overall network. That’s nothing to turn your nose at. What these numbers tell us is the demand and market are huge as these consumers consistently seek out new ways to share and engage with their online communities, and social networks. What that means for your brand is the most important thing you could ask for from your online followers: exposure.

Plotagraph is also competing in another area: the world of creative design. The software is creating a new medium for artists to display their work by providing a new tool they can keep in their toolkits. The software provides one very unique way an artist, designer, or even someone working on 3-D printing, can display their creations, and engage their followers.

Listen for more in my conversation with Troy and Sascha on the WTFFF?! Podcast…

As we see the world of marketing, and consumer engagement shift, Plotagraph is at the forefront, leading the way, with their animated photographs capturing the hearts and attention of viewers around the world.

Read the original INC article published on September 14, 2016.


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