Plotaverse is revolutionizing the way we see and share photographs and getting 2-8x more engagement.

I wrote about Plotagraph a little over a year ago. At the time of that first article, they were just starting out and people were just starting to hear about their service. Fast-forward to today, and they have regular users like GaryVee, GoPro, Paris Hilton, and Land Rover. My interest in what Plotagraph was offering hasn’t changed much because it is awesome to see the markets wake up to this powerful, unique product… and did I mention that it’s only been about a year?

If you missed that first article, or all the noise Plotograph has been making, here is a quick refresher: Plotagraph Pro is a cloud-based software that allows you to take a still photograph — any still photograph — and animate a section or sections of your photo simply and easily. They’ve expanded since we last talked into the Plotaverse suite of apps, and are now offering more than one way to transform images.

I See A Big Change-Up Coming In Advertising

People are tired of videos, overwhelmed by videos, and tuning them out, myself included. I was saying this a year ago, and now it’s even more true. Now that Plotagraph has their footing, and big names are catching on, I see this becoming an essential marketing tool.

Facebook Is A Fan

Facebook agrees because they named Plotagraph as one of the top five recommended apps for creating ads. If I had to guess why Facebook sees such a great opportunity it’s this: ads with Plotagraph don’t look like other ads, which is important, because millennials especially, aren’t having it. If they even think it might be an ad, they are skipping it. So marketers and business owners have to get creative, and I think this platform is how a lot of that transformation will happen.

The Numbers Are Ridiculous

  • GoPro sees over a thousand percent increase in engagement when they use a Plotagraph.
  • Paris Hilton, who is using the service to sell her perfume, and make her images sparkle, has seen jumps from eighty thousand to three hundred thousand plus views.
  • Plotagraphs grab the eye, stop the scroll, and tune the viewer in, as they scramble to figure out what’s moving, how it’s moving, and whether or not it’s a loop. Because of this curiosity, the viewer ends up spending more time with the image, which converts to 2-8x more engagement.

The longer they spend with that image, the better chance you have at making a connection with that person, which is the entire point of marketing and putting ads out there. If you can connect, you can sell, and you’ve given them something to show their friends.

What Do Your Numbers Tell You?

I heard Malcolm Gladwell say on a TV show once, that “you think with your eyes and you feel with your ears.” But this service offers us a way we can also feel with our eyes. It’s more affordable and more time efficient than just about any other marketing avenue, and their formula works.

  • Are you using ads in your business?
  • Are you selling a product?
  • Do you have a blog full of stock images?
  • Is your Instagram account your main source of traffic?
  • Do you advertise on Facebook?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, how many views are you giving up? What’s your conversion rate now and what would you like it to be? If your marketing is falling flat, I urge you to try something fresh and new, and see how much a photograph is actually worth.


Read the original INC article published on September 28, 2018.

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