Two minds are more powerful than one, if you can get down to the business of co-creation.

No one knows better than I do that the only thing more difficult that launching a business is launching a business with a partner, especially a partner you love. After 25 years with my husband and at least half of them as business partners, I have learned that co-creating a business is very personal.

So I decided to talk with Alain Torres, international bestselling author and relationship/partnership guru, helps high-performing entrepreneurs turn everything they touch into gold. From saving a client from losing 12 million dollars, to saving another’s long-term relationship, to guiding another jet setter to discover true inner fulfillment, Alain has a process with a playful style so you can keep a clear mind as you put your best self forward in your relationships and in your businesses to help a partnership thrive by (mostly) focusing on yourself.

Avoid the Tug-O-War

When two individuals with strong will, powerful attributes, and a strong desire to create, come together, amazing things can happen. Or there can be a constant tug-o-war over direction, desire, and goals, which spells disaster (and a lot of stress) for a lot of partnerships. As a partner in marriage and business, a lot of what Alain teaches, rings true, we had to learn on our own, but you don’t have to.

Individual Operating Systems

It’s easy to forget when you are one of the parts of a powerful partnership, that you are still an individual. When you lose sight of this, you also lose sight of your own development and this is a huge no-no. Self-development is the single most important thing you can offer your partnership. You must always work to bring the best version of yourself to the partnership table, period.

You Must Always Be Working On You

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is to stop (or never start) their journey of self-development. And this journey should be never-ending. You should always be growing, evolving, learning about who you are at your core, and even healing. When entrepreneurs don’t commit to development, they often get in their own way of being successful because, rather than operating from a place of clarity, they operate from a place of chaos, vulnerabilities, or ego.

Tips From The Expert Himself: How To Have A Solid Partnership

Have a clear vision built on love. As in, love of the vision. Make sure the direction, the vision, you and your partner choose is one you both love and feel excitement and passion for. Chart your path and make it clear, with room and desire to pivot as necessary, for growth and success. It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs skip this step, and 2-years down the road realize they are working towards separate goals than their partner.

Spend 1-hour per day on you. Remember, self-development is key, and this time is monumental to the success of your partnership. Use your time to journal, breathe, just think, or meditate (I recently started T.M.!)

Don’t stop building your relationship. Things will get busy and you will want to sacrifice your time together first, but don’t do it. If you play tennis together, make sure you keep doing that. If you are a romantic couple, keep dating. You cannot stop building your relationship or you’ll wake up one day and realize you have no idea who your partner is. Side note: Putting dates on the calendar makes you much more likely to follow through.

Your Partnership Needs You, The Best Version

I think the reason a lot of entrepreneurs give up this “me time” is because it feels selfish, especially if you are in the process of a launch, which can be busy and it’s own kind of chaos. But the truth is that in these moments, your focus on development is the most important thing. Remember, if you want to bring clarity, focus, the best version of you, to the table, developing you first is the answer.

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